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Hounded by idiots – again!

Just watch this conversation below which happened just a few minutes ago. I think I have a problem. I’m being hounded by idiots!!

Caller: Hello how are you? [In a polite tone]

Me: Who’s calling please.

Caller: Xxxx from [whatever ]

Me: Someone from your organisation called yesterday – I don’t think it was you. [In a dispassionate tone]

Caller: No it wasn’t me.

Me: I told them not to call my number on behalf of your organisation again. They were rude on the phone. [BTW – not the reason I didn’t want to hear back from them- I don’t have to give a bledy reason!! I can do as I please. I owe them no reasons or courtesy – because I’m sure I’ve never heard of them before.]

Caller: You think I’m being rude.

Me: I’ve said no such thing. As I said, the person who called yesterday from your organisation was rude. I’ve said nothing about you being rude. Now listen carefully. I don’t want you to call this number again – and I don’t need to give you a reason. [Click i.e. I hang up the phone].

What’s idiotic about the above? I’ve clearly referred to a person of YESTERDAY being rude. Nothing I’ve said in the conversation of TODAY, referred to the current caller being rude. I mean the conversation doesn’t even get off the ground for him to be rude. So how the devil – does he arrive at a question or statement, that I’m suggesting he is being rude? How bledy patronising. It’s idiotic! I don’t care – it is plain idiotic. I don’t care why he’s saying what he’s saying. The statement or question about him (not being the person of yesterday – as confirmed) TODAY, is dumbass!

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