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Date changer software for photos

I’ve found it!! There are some nifty little applications to change the dates of file images and exif data – in batches.

Why is this important? Well  – because I use Robobasket to sort my photos into folders, I need Robobasket to pick up ‘Date Modified’ and Exif data from these files. Robobasket will then use this data from the files to sort them into folders by Year>Month>Day etc.

Normally if you take photos with any electronic camera these days, this information is embedded in the file anyway. However, what if you’re scanning old photos? Ahahhh!! Then there will be no such embedded data in your JPEGs – at least it won’t be accurate, cuz your scanner won’t know when the paper-based photo was taken. Innit?

So to the rescue is:

1. Exif Date Changer from Relliksoftware – the regular version is free. I bought the Pro version for a tenner cuz it will sequentially rename files and insert exif data in increments of whatever time I want. I think tha’s a good price – as I would have donated that much to the developer anyway.


2. Bulk File Changer – can also do some nifty things with ‘Date Modified’ file info. This makes it also very easy to sort files with Robobasket.

For those who are eating their nails or have eaten them completely, there are no viruses or malware from these sites or their software.

So what’s next? Nothing. You can do something or you can do nothing. You can continue to muddle along with scanned photos that are disorganised and then you tear your head off trying to find them at a later date. Innit?

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