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Dream worlds

It’s one of those posts again. I just realised – even more – that the human being is content to live in a dream world. What’s that – somebody is bound to ask.

Ok – so let me distract myself to explain. A dream world is  one where your own reasoning matters the most. You don’t care if your reasoning is right. You don’t care if your evidence for the foundation of your thought is right. Once you have a bunch of people agreeing with you; then you are right!

Mindful that there are some 300 potential mistakes in the mind, of which maybe 1% of an average population can name two of these – like who cares? And that’s just my point – the dream world is a brand of logic created in the mind of the person who asserts, or believes (whatever).

The dream world goes like this: ‘If it makes sense to me and a large bunch of other people, then I must be right – I’m good.’ Like no – if everybody  tomorrow morning decided to believe that the sun rose in the West (when in continued to rise in the East), then ‘everybody’ would be wrong.

Why am I going on about this? Well, I’m rather bewildered by what’s going on in the land of ‘anti-social media’ (aka social media). I’ve been looking at the ‘thumbs up’ phenomenon. What’s that? That’s where some idiot actually spouts nonsense and gets  a zillion thumbs up (or whatever approval). So this means that 1+1 = 3 could well be right! I mean anything can be made right depending on the numbers of people voting for it.

It is by the above process that people delude themselves. They tell themselves stories which they truly believe – and the more people supporting them strengthens their beliefs. But of course they’re no closer to reality. It’s like – ‘who cares about reality – so long as we have a good or plausible story’.  And golly-gee this is the stuff that comes from the most intelligent lifeform we know of on this planet.

We’re doomed!!!

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