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What people say and what they do

Today I’m motivated by an online conversation with a colleague to write this. In essence, he’s a successful financial trader by his own one method. Over the last few months,  I’ve been sharing different methods, with a well declared intention not to change his.

Over several months I basically get a few stock responses. The themes broadly are justifications of what he’s doing – as if to say I was trying to change what he does. Well NO!! This chap has taught me quite a lot for free – but only one method. In a sense of gratitude, I thought it would be a good idea to show him another way – not a different way. Well yes – it may  be different but that does not mean he has to stop what he’s doing and switch to ‘my way’ (and I’ve been totally clear about that repeatedly). So just a few minutes  ago we had another one of those online chat conversations. I get more or less the same.

So now I’ve come to a conclusion after so long that he is totally uninterested in ideas that are different to his own. Which is fine – I just wish he would have spelt it out that clearly, like – “I mean no offence. I’m only interested in doing the business in one way which is my way. So I really don’t wish to hear of anything else.” That’s simple, it’s clear and I could not have taken offence about that.


But all this has got me thinking more about the nature of the humans. They are two-faced hypocrites in the vast majority. Some may find that insulting and I couldn’t care less. I give my perceptions of the world and people as I experience these things. I am honest in my opinions which are soundly based on a body of evidence or real experiences. Yes – subject to my perceptions and interpretations.

Some of the things I’ve noticed are as follows:

  1. People say they like a variety of different views. It all sounds good. Everybody likes to sound open-minded or be seen to be open-minded so they say these things. The reality of these people is quite different (in general of course) i.e. once you really get going with a different opinion, they switch off or become argumentative. I’m not talking about healthy discussion of different perspectives. I’m talking proper argumentative.
  2. People say they like honesty. This fails miserably once you give them an honest perspective – that doesn’t meet their approval.
  3. People often say they’re honest and truthful. This is about the biggest lie in the history of mankind.  People in general are actually liars.
  4. People say they like to learn new things. Just don’t tell them about anything that takes more than an hour to learn or requires considerable mental effort.
  5. People say money isn’t everything but actually money is everything for them. Gross hypocrisy.
  6. There is a significant proportion of people who claim stupidity. In reality this is just a ruse to gain some personal advantage by playing stupid.
  7. People say that they like clarity of thinking. Just don’t apply clear thinking to something they think or believe, if it causes a difference of perspective.
  8. People say that they do not jump to conclusions. What a load of nonsense. They do so ‘all’ the time!
  9. People say that they’re not mind-readers – except that they’ll tell me what I’m thinking and what I’ll say next.
  10. People often say that they’re not meaning to be rude or disrespectful, when actually that’s just a preface for rudeness and gross disrespect.

If you’re about to jump to a conclusion that I’m a misanthropist, kindly get a grip. I think there are many good people out there. It’s just that they are in the minority. Not because I dislike the above mentioned two-facedness which affects a majority, means that I dislike the whole of humanity.

The human race has very far to go in their cognitive and behavioural development. I normally hate to hope – but on this occasion I do hope that they get somewhere fast before they self-destruct.

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