Musings over the past 6 months

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities

It has been a terribly busy time. 'Some' immediately know, "..making money hand over fist" etc. It is so amusing how people get ideas in their heads and before long that turns into reality. But strange is it not - that when it comes to really big ideas about making money 'hand over fist', I then hear the usual sing song, "Murrrney.. isn't everyyyything.. you knowwww." I tell you, the human race and its individual humans are by and large contradictory and confused. Well, tough - it is my blog and I'll say what I observe and think!!

So, as I was saying – it has been a pretty busy time. And again ‘some’ want to know my business. Well, I’ll say in broad terms what it was about. I’ve been busy thinking and observing – things, people, the world. For sure the world is most interesting as long as their are things happening, and it is people who make a lot of things happen. Tough – I don’t wish to get into a debate about what the weather can do etc. 

Their worst enemy

My observations harden my views more and more with every passing day. People are in fact their worst own enemies. I could write a book about it, and it’ll probably sell – but I’ve given up on my wish to change the world. It was a nice idea at one stage but of late I realise the world is about people (mostly) and you can’t change people, nor should I (not that I try to). It is funny that humans bitch about computers being so ‘thick’, complicated and slow to change. I often wondered what’s the difference between a human and a computer? Jeez – I’m not stupid – yes one is a living thing with flesh and blood etc. Hooray – you’re a bright spark for spotting that and about to take issue with me. I’m speaking functionally – and functionally people are very much like computers. How so? Jeez I thought I just said it. Look, people can’t do most things unless they’re told how to do it! Yeah right – when it comes to procreation, they bledy well know how to do that with little instruction – innit? But I’m not talking about things that come with basic instinct.

I’m talking about things outside of what we came equipped with; like chewing food or having sex. Right – and after you tell um how to do stuff, they’ll be confused about how complicated anything involving more than three steps is. I feel a need to say that I’m not talking about steps on a staircase – okay? And if one unconfuses them, then there is the problem of getting them to carry out duties in keeping with certain standards. Then they’ll forget and do their own thing. But eventually they learn after tremendous effort on somebody’s part. And then when it is time to change things again, they’ll rebel cuz they’ve been doing things one way for X amount of years and any change is confusing and unsettling, they’ll say. Then the whole flaming process has to start over again i.e. training, unconfusing them, drumming it into them. BTW all this is like beating cattle to move in a certain direction. Did I say I support beating cattle? No I did not! Did I say people are equivalent to cattle? Did I say anything other than what I said? So back to the point – that people are as difficult or more difficult than computers. 


The humans create all sorts of plausible excuses to ensure that they do not change or change anything. Some seem to find comfort and pleasure in saying how thick they are in a certain area of performance. That’s culturally acceptable, cuz if you declare being thick then you need help – and people shouldn’t be hard on you if you ‘don’t know’. Well, I think that’s nonsense. If a proper human finds that they’re deficient in some area of performance a) it is nothing to declare b) it is something for that human to address by self-directed exploration and learning. But no, some people are meat robots or meat computers – and the law directs that people need to be cared for, their hands held and spoken to supportively. Gone are the days when you could say to someone, “Get your act together, find your ass on Google or our company manual and read the stuff. We’ll support you if you have difficulties learning and applying but don’t expect us to spoon-feed your ass (arse if you’re English).” Oooo.. today that would be called bullying. 

I know of many people who say they don’t have time for A, B or C thing. Some of these people actually have lots of time to sit in front of a TV, watching documentaries, news, and various addictive serials. Did I say people should not do this? I did not. I too like a good addictive TV serial. But look, it is a matter of priorities. If a person wants to spend their time watching sport, TV serials or whatever, that surely is their business. That’s all fine – innit? But don’t come and tell me that you didn’t have time to do A, B and C thing that was of higher priority in relation to the rest of your life! 

What’s the name of the game?

No I’m not gonna break out singing ABBA just now. Calm down. The name of the game as I’ve alluded to, elsewhere on this blog, is about the scripting of the human being. People are scripted by their upbringings, education systems, economic systems, their jobs, and their cultural contexts. This is not simply a set of instructions on what to do or how to do it. This is about ‘wiring’ of the psychology of individuals at a deep level. Once that hard-wiring is in place, the functions of the mind are then ‘determined’. People are not expected to be consciously aware of each of which of their life’s experiences determine what they think or how they evaluate things. What this means is that, it is extremely difficult to break free of seemingly personal world views, methods of thinking and reacting.

But why all this scripting in the first place? The sad reality that I’ve come upon – and I’m not saying I’m 100% correct – is that there is a big economic system out there that requires a certain degree of order and predictability. It depends on – for example – a young child growing up in impoverished circumstances, being given opportunity and support, coming through and education system, becoming a lawyer or a doctor, then doing the job, paying taxes, servicing loans and debts, having children, going on holidays, divorces, purchasing houses and cars, retiring on a pension before being thrown on a scrap heap to a residential home, then being given a glowing obituary as s/he descends into the dust. There are many variations of the above one example but the broad themes are pretty similar, for someone who adds to economic advantage of the system. And some will wish to assault me with the question, “So what’s wrong with any of that?!!!” It is all right relative to the economic order of things – and people accept it. Those who would rail against such ‘organised’ entries and exits from life, are seen as potentially dangerous or destabilising.

But when I look at living a life, I see lots of people who are ‘very proud’ of what they do – mainly their work. Again this is what they’ve been scripted to value through their educational and career grooming, so it is no wonder that they come to be proud and enjoy what they do. However, when I ask  people,  ‘What would you like to do with your life if you had those 8 – 10 hours all to yourself?‘, most of them talk about gardening, travelling, or doing something very creative. So to me that means that if I magically took away the scripts that were ingrained in them, below the surface lies a set of dreams for greater achievement. Once a person is part of ‘systems’ that scripts them,  most times they cannot find the time to create another path for themselves. Oh sure, they may write a book or two and do a bit of gardening and travelling etc – but they don’t do it to the their chosen level. Their lives become taken up by work, recovering from work on holidays in the sun, or unwinding watching TV or Sport, listening to music, or whatever. An economic order requires that in broad brush people in large numbers will do the above. 


Well, I said I’m not here to change ‘the world’. But I can change ‘my world’. I’m not been in the business of changing people either – I’ve concluded such effort is a waste of time. What’s next? I continue changing ‘my world’. Those who would destabilise those efforts are deselected rapidly. That means anybody, who becomes a disproportionate distraction and attempts to displace my mind and my time from my efforts gets treated equally. Wooo.. wooo.. that sounds harsh. How? I’m entitled as the next person to decide how I live my life and set my goals. Those who disagree will be invited to jump off the next high cliff they find without a parachute – or I may show them which cliff and then invite them to do same. [Just for the purposes of political correctness, I’m speaking figuratively and about my sentiments. I will never induce anyone to commit suicide. Jeez – one has to be so careful these days!] 



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