The ways of science and scientists.

by Captain Walker

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I’ve been up to no good as usual – exploring the thought processes of the good and great.

It’s been a fascinating time, lurking among the most intelligent group in the country. And whaddayuhknow  – they are very much plebs at heart. I have conclusive and hard evidence in my hands! I’ve seen them in action, deluding themselves: forming ideas in their heads and turning that into fact.

I’ve been exploring what it is to be a scientist – however you define it. I’ve concluded as follows.

A true scientist – one of high calibre – must be willing:

  1. To present his evidence.
  2. Have that evidence dissected by others.
  3. Have the evidence re-interpreted by others.
  4. And most of all must be willing to have his own thought processes which lead to his/her conclusions dissected.

You who reads this will find a single contradiction to the above and use that to make your case!! I know it – I expect it.

Intelligence – hah hah!! It’s a dumbass concept. The ‘intelligent’ don’t even know the rules of logic! Now bugger off!

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