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Decisions and consequences

Why do people make decisions at all? What to cook, when to cook, what car to buy, what phone, what action to take, what job, when to give notice.. and so on. Life is full of decisions. Ultimately most people in their ordinary lives make decisions because they wish for some advantage to themselves or loved ones at some point in the ‘future’. Those who do not like thinking deeply are encouraged to move on swiftly.

[Nothing in this post is to be construed as advice. Nothing is implied about you who may access any of the contents here. If you suffer any disadvantage by acting on any contents here, kindly sue yourself – as no liability is accepted for loss or consequential losses.]

The screencast below is my original work and thinking. I’m not here to convince anybody about anything. I do not assert that I am right. The screencast is not about simple decisions such as crossing a busy street with your eyes closed (for example).

The most vulnerable area of decision-making is the ‘mind’ itself. The psychological domain therefore becomes the most critical to manage. I assert that a simple balancing of pros and cons is not sufficient in arriving at the correct decision, especially about the most important decisions that can affect our lives (or that of others) well into the distant future. Importantly I assert that the ‘future’ is not a ‘place’ or ‘time’ and that it does not exist. There are several futures that may unfold from our decisions made in the present. I invoke Chaos Theory in stating that non-linear dynamics applies to the three big areas relevant to decision-making.

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