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What is it with people?

Right – it’s my blog and I’ll rant if I want to!

For quite some time I’ve been noticing that one (namely me) feels a tad apprehensive that some fool will imply meanings into what I post on the internet (aka social media).¬† And why? Because meanings implied into what I post are at risk of ‘somebody’ or the other, causing magnification of what I do not mean! Thuh internet has become a stupid place, which I’m beginning to feel I ought to avoid – in terms of expression of anything I might wish to express.

So, if for example I post the following videos – then some fool out there is likely to infer that it’s connected to some part of my mental state. That then risks becoming magnified and before long a ‘fake truth’. So like the following videos easily become me being preoccupied with Dua Lipa or some meaning behind her song. The reality is that the fool who infers is actually projecting their own inner state onto some interpretation of what they think I’m ‘trying to say‘. Like – I’m not ‘trying to say‘ bugger all! Jeez. Look, I’m just fascinated by her voice – and that’s the beginning and end of it. But no – some idiot, is gonna read more into it i.e. ‘We’ll you don’t have to hide your affection for her.. (blah .. blah)‘ and stupid other inferences like that. Like I’m totally oblivious to any ‘affection’ etc. And the stupid, idiotic projection¬† then takes on a reality – which the harder I appear to ‘deny’, then takes on a separate reality in stupid minds. So to everybody, I say “Bugger off!“.


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