Money – Know More, Make More, Give More.

by Captain Walker

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Am I talking about your dreams at night? I am not! This is about people’s aspirations; the things they wish for in their quieter moments – and the things they do not reveal even to their closest (so-called) friends. Just to be clear reading of this blog post and viewing of videos herein, is totally optional.

I make no apology for referring to that dirty filthy word: ‘money’. I’ve written on this before – so what – it is time to do some more thinking about it. Did I ever say money can buy happiness? I never did. What I had always said is that money is a means to an end – and that end is what ‘you’ are responsible for. Did I say ‘money was everything’ or that people should yearn for money? I did not!

Well, it is probably the hottest summer in UK history at this time. Did I say the above video has anything to do with the Summer that is upon us? I did not! [Yes – you’re now sick of the ‘I did not thing’. Well I’m sick of people implying meanings into what I write or present, so I ain’t stopping the ‘I did not’ thing! Do I care if you have a hissy-fit and read no more of this? I do not!]

‘Everybody’ is running around madly doing stuff e.g. holidays home and abroad, barbecues, sport, driving around, walks etc etc. Helloooooo.. most of it is not for ‘free’. Did I say a walk in the countryside costs money? I did not. In general most of these freedoms come with costs or at some cost, in monetary terms.

And people want more freedoms and to realise their true inner interests. But they are trapped. Be it begging on the side of a street or doing the 6AM to 7PM Monday to Saturday, it is about acquiring some dosh or the things money would buy.

Knowing human nature as I do the following vid will lead a proportion of people to say, “Sorry, I have no interest in Dubhai… ” or “It’s all a fantasy – isn’t it” or “What’s the point; I could never achieve that from my current job.

Did I say you had to like Dubai, or that fantasies are not allowed or that you should change your job? I did NOT!

Next comes the quintessential British response, “Sorry, I’m too lazy.” It’s such a commonly uttered set of words – which is exactly my point. There are some who are contented to live in fantasy worlds, pay up on credit cards, and continue doing their 6AM to 7PM five or six days a week, driven by the threat that if they don’t, they will lose their food and basic comforts. These are the lazy people. Really? Yes – they only work to pay the bills, but do no more. They bargain for retirement. They claim they are too tired at the end of the day to think or do more. Society calls them hard working. I call them the unrecognised lazy. To those I say, ‘You deserve not to get all that you do not get. Shut up. I’m not interested in your brand of laziness!

Now did I insult you? Have I referred to you who reads this? I have not! Perhaps a truth fell in your garden and you don’t like it. You can join ‘generation snowflake’ – afflicted by pathological self-reference – if you like. I refer(ed) to a broad class of people who I categorise as I please.

I’m to be told that “It’s a free country” – as if I didn’t know. Well actually it isn’t that free any more! You are 35 years a slave – and you may not even know it.

In the last 2 years I’ve met a few people who have a modus operandi that they are not entitled to better freedoms, on the grounds that it is cool to be ‘middle of the road’, or mediocre, or to not want more, or that they should not be driven by any self-indulgence. Some of those believe or have had it programmed into them by various means, that it is wrong to deserve the fine things money can buy. A form of stoicism inculcated into them from a young age, ensnares them to believe that their reward lies in another realm.

So what’s next? Nothing. You can head off and read or make excuses that you’re too lazy to read Money – Know More, Make More, Give More. You deserve all that you don’t get! Now bugger off!



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