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Human weaknesses

‘Everybody’ knows about the strengths in human nature! By ‘everybody‘ I mean a majority of people. In any event ‘everybody’ uses the term ‘everybody’ – or ‘not everybody’ conveniently – so I’m using the term. And – I don’t give a monkeys whether I know ‘everybody’ – and I don’t!

So – instead, I’ve focused on human weaknesses. ‘Nobody’ – except me of course – has much time to look at weaknesses. After all, we’re meant by ‘Royal Decree’ to promote positivity only, smile and say nothing that might insult anybody – especially if it’s true! Yep it’s 1984 happening right now in 2019. The trouble of course is that human weaknesses work very much against lots of strengths. ‘We’ could do better as a species if we just focused on minimising weaknesses – instead of ‘always’ living a fantasy that the good will simply washout the bad. The human weaknesses I will refer to are broad and deep patterns which spread across humanity. Even within those considered to be the strongest amongst us, these patterns run deep.

Simple animals like ants with far fewer ‘great qualities’, can cooperate better than humans. So I’m amazed that their ratio of cooperation to intelligence is far greater than a similar ratio amongst humans. Oh – and they don’t commit the sort of serious crimes that humans do!

The mindmap is a bare bones summary of thoughts gathered in the last few weeks. Clicking on it provides a full view. Did I say it was perfect? I did NOT! There are perhaps hundreds of other weaknesses missing from the mindmap. Why? Cuz I’m not here to spoon-feed or lecture anybody or ‘everybody’…. oh..oops.. dear God! Here we go….


Stupid:   This is you showing off that you’re better than everybody – isn’t it?!

CW:   No.

Stupid:   What you mean ‘no’ – you’re insulting everybody by pointing out their weaknesses.

CW:   Perhaps truth has hit home – and it is you who feels insulted, because some of that fell in your garden! You can’t know if everybody will feel insulted.

Stupid:   I don’t have a garden!!!

CW:   I couldn’t give a monkeys! You got the point and defensively opted to focus on some minor issue, about whether you have a garden! Clearly the ‘garden’ was figurative speech, but I wouldn’t expect you to know about such concepts. I’ve observed that you think as concretely as the hardness of your skull.

Stupid:   But your choice of words means that you hate the human race – and you’re always pointing out people’s faults in an insulting way.

CW:   That’s the meaning you extract – it has nothing to do with me. I’m expressing my observations of broad patterns of weaknesses in the human race. I’m afraid there is no way to escape speaking the truth. Do you expect me to tell lies?

Stupid:   No – but you don’t have to speak about it at all! You’re bullying everybody!!

CW:   That’s utter horse manure! Look, horsey – you’re on a tighter set of reigns than you may realise, after the last round of drivel. I’ll cage you more swiftly if you continue with this ridiculous nonsense.

Stupid:   There you go threatening people now – and shutting them up. That’s bullying!

CW:   I call it exerting appropriate control. You’re a figment of my imagination representing the stupidity of large sections of the human race and I need to control you.

Stupid:   And what gives you the right to pass judgement on ‘large sections of the human race’?

CW:   I’ve have actually met large sections of the human race over the last 30 years. I happen to spend much time on so-called social media, where I also observe the interactions and thought processes of lots of people. And I know from reliable reports from people who work in call centres, how weak and stupid most people are. It’s a free country – as you know  – so everybody is entitled to express their opinion based on their own observations. If other people feel tarred and feathered cuz I’m accurate, then tough!

Stupid:   [… silence]

CW:   Stupid was silenced by me – cuz I know that there is more manure where that came from. And I’ve actually been told to keep a lid on this fool by the said fool! It’s my blog and I’ll do as I please.


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