It’s official: people are stupid!

by Captain Walker

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Well, well – it’s been a funny old day! LOL. I was just at a meat market in a big city and in a 60-second conversation with a meat trader – he told me “..people are stupid! They don’t know what they’re doing or where they’re going.

This chap owns the business and he’s been selling meat for over 20 years. He was complaining that the Council has messed up roads around the city; causing endless traffic jams which deter customers coming into the city centre. But then he went on to say if they do get in, they don’t know where to park. I said that I had parked just two minutes walk away. So he goes, “You know what you’re doing but ..people are stupid! They don’t know what they’re doing or where they’re going.” He explained that that caused more traffic jams and other folk to avoid the area. I would have rolled around on the floor in laughter but I was in a public place – so didn’t – fearful of causing  a disturbance that might trigger the authorities to cart me off to a mental asylum!

He then volunteers that one of his workers is also “…stupid!… I can’t get him to do what he’s supposed to do.. then he’s accusing me of victimisation!” The chap is not unexpectedly in his late 50s or early 60s by appearance and talking about a much younger employee. Yuh know – I really empathised with him (not the employee, just to be clear!).

So look, if I had declared that ‘People are stupid’, I’d probably be arrested instantly for hate speech or summat. Like this chap – made my day for declaring what I thought but could not say (fearing arrest of course).  Errrh…. oh no.. drat.. here we go…

Stupid:  You think that’s funny – do you?

CW:  Yes. Is that a problem?

Stupid: Why are you laughing at stupid people?!!

CW: I did no such thing!

Stupid: You said you would have laughed.

CW: Yes – but if you listened or read carefully you will see that I said why I didn’t.

Stupid: Don’t try to be clever – you wanted to laugh and you did in your own mind.

CW: Okay – I did laugh in my own mind, but not a stupid people!

Stupid: What would you have laughed at then?

CW: Well I laugh now at how hilarious the situation was; that the man said exactly what was on my mind for many years but which I dared not have said out loud in public by word of mouth. I also laugh in recognition of the same issue that ‘people don’t know what they’re doing or where they’re going’.

Stupid: Why do you find any of that funny?

CW: Because it’s ridiculous that for a ‘human race’ that prides itself with such great intelligence, a significant proportion of its members would behave more lost than ants!

Stupid: Not everybody is lost and has great intelligence.

CW: Sure – that’s why the likes of you – not you exactly – needs to read ‘Everybody‘. I agree to ‘not everybody’ as there is bound to be a single exception to any statement of generality about ‘people’. However, the un-utterable reality is that most people are actually stupid!

Stupid: How dare you!! Such arrogance! Who do you think you are!?

CW: I dare!! I am me. What – am I not allowed to state my opinion because it rubs you or the likes of you the wrong way? Stating an unpalatable truth is not arrogance.

Stupid: What truth? How do you know?

CW: I’m not here to convince you of anything. The harsh reality is that most humans think they know how to use their brains (or mind), but in reality they don’t!

Stupid: That must be nonsense. They’ve built spaceships, split the atom and did many other great things.

CW: Caution. Don’t judge a whole race  by the high functioning of some 1% of the population. The likes of you couldn’t build spaceships or split atoms. You just said that ‘not everybody … has great  intelligence’.

Stupid: I have to admit that you are right – I’d be totally clueless in doing any of that stuff.

CW: […. speechless….] While the human race as a whole has done great things, it is not a true reflection of the application of intelligence by the majority. A very small percentage discover through hard work how to focus their minds and achieve great things. The great majority struggle – and stupidly admit that they’re stupid.

Stupid: Really?

CW: Yes – I hear it all the time. People absolutely admit how stupid they are – so as to preempt others saying how stupid they are. It works all the time in Eng-uh-land. Well, I mean most of the time. There has been an explosion of demand on the internet for courses that train people how not to be stupid i.e. critical thinking courses.

Stupid: Really?

CW: Yes – I don’t allow you internet access, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Stupid: Can you allow me to attend one of these courses.

CW: No.

Stupid: What! Why??!

CW: Get this straight – you must be aware that you are not a real person or entity. I’ve told you this many times before. Your sense of reality and existence only arises because you are part of my consciousness. So – if you feel an urge to improve yourself by attending one of these courses, that’s only because my mind allows you to simulate what a real person might want. But your role has emerged for a specific purpose – and that is not going to change.

Stupid: That’s cruel!

CW: In case you’re about to have a hissy fit remember you have no true will, consciousness or autonomy – and my cage is ready for you at any time.

Stupid: Right – I better head back to the cage then.

CW: Yes – I agree.. off you pop.

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