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Stupidity – an invincible force.

Just to be clear – not because I deal with human stupidity – yet again – means that I’m saying that anybody who reads this is stupid! So stupid are people in general, I need to say this!

The finest expose on human stupidity – as I recently discovered, is by Bonhoeffer. Yes – I showed this before in another post but over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about it more deeply.

My thoughts today are triggered by looking at hype on a mission to Mars. ‘They’ touch briefly on the issue of mental illnesses and talk about haloperiodol being a solution. Well, I’m of course speechless because these ‘intelligent morons’ don’t know what the hell they’re talking about – and tough, I’m not going into reasons for my sentiments. Haloperidol as a part solution is so inherently stupid it’s beyond belief. Like – right – if somebody goes mad in space, give um some haloperidol and it’ll be fine. Look – these people are lucky they’re not within slapping distance!

As I grow older, it seems that stupidity is haunting me – wherever I may roam. Even the supposedly intelligent are stupid to the core. So it’s appearing to me that stupidity is a deeply ingrained feature of human nature, living alongside intelligence and often overpowering it.

One might think that intelligent people in groups are less likely to act stupidly. Actually the research evidence shows the opposite – and sorry I’m not here to spoonfeed your arse on research. Did I say that spoonfeeding ‘the arse’ is a normal human activity? I did not!

Bonhoeffer seems more right than ever that, “Against stupidity we are defenceless.” Logic and reason are not really things that put stupidity in check. I can think of probably 100 examples in my lifetime where logic and reason failed to address the stupidity of ‘the humans’. So what does that mean? It means that if you’re developing a trillion-dollar programme to send people to Mars deal with all the stupid things that intelligent people will do individually and in groups.

What – you expect me to hand solutions to somebody? Get real. Take me for example – because I appear so arrogant, aloof and critical of people and groups – I’d never even get a chance to lead a group of people or deselect some from a group. If you’re not likeable, you’re not selected to lead. This is partly the way of stupidity. Stupid people select people who are easy to work with and who are likeable team players. This is driven partly – and unconsciously – by economic considerations. Who the devil has time or money to  spend on somebody who is unlikeable but gets the job done? I’ve not met that person or organisation as yet – and in 30-odd years, I reckon the chances of finding such is very very small.

To see stupidity among intelligent people go here. Or you can search for numerous debacles at the Crown Prosecution Service on Google. If you think that ‘money makes people stupid’, you are wrong. People are inherently stupid and money only brings out their inherent stupidity, especially when they form groups.

What’s next? Nothing! You bugger off! You think about it or not! I don’t give a flying flamingo – in the words of Bercow. What – you expect me to tell you who Bercow is? So stupid are you!

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