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Righhhhhtt!! So you might say I’m on a roll on this preoccupation with stupidity. Not surprising really, when you think that there is a fictional character living within me, which I often refer too as ‘stupid’ – and with whom occasionally I end up in ‘stupid’ heated debates out here.

Extreme stupidity is another level entirely. This is like when somebody says, “Black is actually white.” or “You’re right and wrong at the same time.” The latter one I’ve heard so many times in my life in Eng-uh-land. The English avoid debates, as a cultural thing. So every difference of opinion has to give some concession to the other side. So – being wrong and right at the same time is a way of avoiding ‘confrontation’ which would be taken as aggression. Did I say by everybody? I did not. I’m talking about broad cultural issues about which the English may not even be aware. Now – I’m about to be accused of being racist! Yes – in Eng-uh-land, one is not allowed to make any critical comment about some group of people, even if it is the truth. Well sorry – I’m not saying anything racist. I do not hate the English! They have their flaws like many other cultures. Did I say there are no debates in Eng-uh-land? I did NOT!

The idea that something can be one and its opposite at the same time is pretty stupid. Cars and aeroplanes are opposites. Well – yuh know – some will argue that they’re not cuz planes have tyres and cars have tyres. Such arguments usually come from stupid people, trying desperately to appear ‘clever’. BTW – in England – on occasions the word ‘clever’ means stupid or ‘thick as two planks’. So if you’re not used to this culture, don’t think you’re necessarily being complimented if someone says, ‘that’s clever’ or ‘you’re clever’. Use of English is complicated business. A dog is not a cat because both have four legs (most times). Do you get the point? If not kindly bugger off!

The concept of accepting glaring opposites is known as doublethink. I did not invent this term. The table below is informative and compares it to cognitive dissonance. Did I say you have to believe anything written on this site? I did NOT. Do I care a flying flamingo if your computer does not allow you to see it easily (or at all)? I do NOT!

I’m about to be asked, “What’s next?” What – am I supposed to be telling people what to do next?

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