Walker’s treatise on human nature

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities

As much of my time is spent thinking about human nature, I revisit ‘the’ Treatise on Human Nature by David Hume. I would have read many parts of this in my youth, which I would have forgotten – though some of the ideas would remain somewhere in my subconscious or rather unconscious.

This is a tremendous piece of work. Full version downloadable legally, here. Did I say that ‘everybody’ needs to read this? I did NOT! I’m sure it is 338 pages will provide a non-chemical cure for insomnia to many. Printed versions will be expected to make good door stops or shelf fillers.

The work is a tremendous exploration. Unfortunately because it so cumbersome and deep those who most need to read it, won’t get more than a few pages in. I reckon less than 1% of the world’s population has ever read more than 25% of it. Some fool – the usual one that lives in a carefully managed recess of my head, is trying to find out how much of it I’ve read. Chrysst!

Well, I think there is need for a more readable, digestible exploration of human nature for our modern times. I’ve been toying with the idea of writing my own ‘treatise’. I may well call it, “Walker’s Treatise on Human Nature“. ? Did I say I hoped for mass readership and loadsah money in doing this? I did not! That would not be the motivation – at all.

The human race is at a critical stage in it is development – having to cope with information overload, fake news spread via social media and serious political smoke and mirrors games. You only need to check what’s happened in the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump – or look into the assassination of Khashoggi or look into the situation of Julian Assange. If that doesn’t grab you see how the Chagos Island was stolen below.

I know – life’s too short innit – and we’re meant to pick our battles, which really means MYOB! Right? Yep. Did I say I was here to save the world? I did NOT!

Apathy on the failings of human nature is what continues to plague our societies. Laws are not a true control over the big issues. Yeah – the law will catch a few common murders and thieves.

For other explorations of human nature see Animal Farm. If you’ve never ‘read’ it listen to it! The audiobook is better!

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