Morally lost and confused?

by Captain Walker

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The President of the United States of America has been described as “morally lost and confused“. This is what Christianity Today said, calling for Donald Trump’s removal. Just to be clear (JTBC), this is their opinion. Did I say this was my opinion? I did NOT! Did I imply this is my opinion? I did NOT? Do I care who is fed up with these sorts of questions, which I answer “I do/did NOT”? I do NOT! I have hard evidence of morons on social media plucking conclusions based on their own suppositions right out of their open backside – others joining in – and before long such conclusions becoming fact. This is delusional. It is encompassed in the concept of post-truth. Well – I’m not having it! What I said is only what I said – and I’m not ‘saying’ what I’m not saying!

Getting back to the point, I think Christianity Today has a point. This does not mean I support Christianity Today (CT). It means only that I think their assessment referencing facts, is correct based on evidence. I couldn’t give a flying flamingo whether it was Christianity Today or ‘Morons Today’ that said what they said, the issue is about the facts.

What does ‘facts’ mean? Facts are a body of evidence that without further interpretation is an obvious truth. For example if someone said that CaptainsWatch said, “whether it was Christianity Today or ‘Morons Today’, the issue is about the facts” – then that’s a fact. How? Everybody can access those words as they stand – and it needs no further interpretation.

I’m in stitches as I write this, cuz I know some moron or group of morons out there is waiting for me to express a personal opinion on Donald Trump. When I say “I know“, I mean my estimate based on a probability in my head. “in my head“, means in my mind. Yes – I’m still at it. What? Ensuring that what I say is overly defined to avoid wild and insane re-interpretations.

And JTBC again – I have so far said that I find that Christianity Today has a point. I have said and will say nothing of my own opinions on Donald Trump! I have not psychoanalysed Donald Trump! I do NOT psychoanalyse people ‘at a distance’. If you are a moron, you will infer that my finding that Christianity Today ‘has a point’ to mean that I support them. If you are not a moron, you would understand that I support nobody – and that I am only occupied with facts available to everybody.

But .. but.. some are still waiting for me to make a ‘personal opinion’ on Donald Trump! And – when I don’t, some will say, “You’re a coward! What are you afraid of?” I have no desire to define myself as ‘not a coward’.

Now – there may be a body of other facts which says that Donald Trump is not “Morally lost and confused.”  I have seen such evidence, and if you expect me to spoon feed your ‘ass’ (as they say in America), you should hold your breath and wait for it! But my seeing such evidence does not mean I support Donald Trump!

Stupid:    Hahhh.. ha.. ha.. so you’re saying that you’re sitting on the fence?

CW:     I said nothing of the sort.

Stupid:      But that’s what it is – isn’t it.

CW:    You’re right – for a change.

Stupid:      You of all people – normally you’re out in front giving your own opinion. Are you running scared?

CW:   Yes!

Stupid:      Why? How?!

CW:   Some think that freedom of speech is an absolute right – and ‘some’ would be hopelessly mistaken.

Stupid:      So what does that mean for you in this instance?

CW:   Hmmm.. that’s a pretty intelligent question coming from you of all people.  It means that the free expressions of my opinions is likely to put me in trouble amongst powers much greater than me.

Stupid:      But you were far more defensive in not supporting the opinions of Christianity Today, than about the evidence contradicting their point of view. Why is that?

CW:   Because I know that the CT opinions are attractive to lots of people. People tend to speed-read things on the internet and therefore jump to conclusions. I really did not want anybody to jump to conclusions about me supporting CT.

Stupid:      So you’re saying that Trump is not ‘morally lost and confused’.

CW:   Wut! You were going fine for a while but the stupidity entrenched in your nature has re-emerged. I said nothing of the sort. I said there was a body of evidence that said he was not ‘morally lost and confused’. I took no sides!  Chrysst!

Stupid:      So you’re saying that you’re undecided?

CW:   I did not!

Stupid:      What the devil are you saying?

CW:      I’ve said that there are conflicting lots of evidence.

Stupid:      Yes – but what is your opinion?!!

CW:   Jeeez.. this is getting ridiculous. I’ve actually declared that I’m running scared of expressing an opinion one way or the other!

Stupid:      So you are a coward at heart after all!

CW:   No. I recognise my limitations and restrictions imposed on me by powers greater than me. I recognise those sort of risks arising and selectively avoid them.

Stupid:      I understand.

CW:   Eh? I’m gobsmacked!! Okay.. thanks for not being the total idiot that you are on this occasion. Back in your box. Bye.

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