New year approaches but not much changes

by Captain Walker

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I’m not one for wishing people “Merry Xmas” and “Happy New Year” etc.  I need no lecture from anyone on how to be kind, civil, mannerly, respectful of others, and how to keep up appearances. The changes in the last few years about sending cards and wishing others ‘this’ and ‘that’, have come after much reflection. And now I’m reflecting on all that.

Well, towards the ends of 2018 and 2019 I engaged in socially approved hypocrisy! I did wish some folk ‘Merry Xmas’ and ‘Happy New Year’. Why? Because human nature is stupid i.e. if you don’t do these things people will think or feel they have not been appreciated and so on. So I kept some of the humans ‘happy’, though it pained me to be so ‘false’ in this sort of thing.

As I write this I’m wondering why the devil do I still wish people a ‘good weekend’ or enquire, “How was your weekend?” Just calm down – I was brought up to do these things and I have simply carried on so as to appear friendly, be in people’s good books, and engage in some sort of social back-scratching [errhh.. I’m speaking figuratively, just in case someone out there thinks rather concretely that I’m actually scratching somebody’s back with my hands].

What does wishing anybody “Happy New Year” or “A good weekend” actually do? Perhaps it sends a message of some sort of consideration or kindness to another, brings a smile and causes the other to reciprocate. And what if I don’t wish people these ‘things’? If I don’t – that probably pushes me into the categories of being ‘grumpy’, ‘scrooge-like’, ‘asocial’, ‘unkind’, ‘self-centred’, ‘full of himself’, and so on. People don’t like others who are like that or are perceived to be like that. And that’s another thing, it’s a world of ‘perception’ – few actually take the time to understand what they are perceiving or enquire further. Yep – it’s a world where perception is turned into ‘fact’ rather rapidly. Deep thinking and exploration are becoming rarer. Hence for saying the latter, I expect to be called ‘condescending’, because these days you can’t make any critical comment of ‘the world’ of people without being accused of putting yourself on a pedestal.

I return to main issue  with no apology for deviation, as I always have to head off idiotic inferences, I might expect in the minds of others. In reality if ever – or whenever in the past – I’ve wished anyone ‘happy’ or ‘good’ this, that or the other, I’m immediately aware that my actual wishes have no influence at all over their future reality. I feel a need to explain; my wishes do not command the world to make anybody happy or to have a good ‘whatever’. But hey, reality is not a place that ‘the humans’ like!

So – it is another new year approaching – 2020, but not much has changed for the better (overall), in the human race. Oooooo…how could I say that!! Did I say ‘overall’ in brackets? Yes I did. ‘Overall’ means, yes there have been some good changes and bad changes but in the balance they’ve more or less cancelled out each other. Somebody or the other is likely to want me to provide ‘evidence’.

I’m having a problem with evidence these days. How? People want me to provide evidence to back up what I say – but when I ask them for evidence for their assertions, they can provide none or refuse to hand over evidence. As I said loads of times before evidence is rather useless in the realm of social media. How? It rarely if ever changes minds. Did I say rarely? Yes I did! That’s my overall experience – and I refuse to provide evidence because I don’t keep logs of such things. It’s gotten so ridiculous that I’m now expected to explain and provide evidence why ‘banana trees don’t bear mangoes’!

Stupid: Are you saying that banana trees can’t bear mangoes?

CW:  Yes.

Stupid: But you’ve presented no evidence for your assertion.

CW: Yes

Stupid:  You expect people to just believe you?

CW:  Yes

Stupid:  Are you an expert on banana trees?

CW:  No!

Stupid:  So how do you expect people to believe you? And I note your short responses.

CW: If I say that a clear view of a cloudless sky in daylight is normally blue in colour, I think that a vast majority of people will believe me. I don’t have to prove that the sky is blue on a cloudless day –  because statistically I expect that it is such a common experience that most people will appreciate what I’m saying. Most people are not that thick or stupid.

Stupid:  I’ve never seen the sky at all. How do I know you’re not lying?

CW: You are not ‘most people’! I’m not really interested in convincing your type.

Stupid: So you impose a disability on me and now you don’t want to help me! That’s unhelpful and unkind!

CW: That’s right.  It’s not my job to help you or to be kind to you. You are reminded of the terms of your existence.

Stupid: You’re pulling rank – disgusting!

CW:  Yes – I shall pull rank right now – back in your cage!

Stupid: W… ww… wait! Stop! Bledy hell!

CW:  Nope – you’re gone! Done.

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