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Yes – I said “2020”. I do not mean 20/20 vision. It is the year 2020. I’m behind a keyboard, in some part of the Midlands in the United Kingdom. 30 years ago, I could not have foreseen that I would be in ‘this place’, ‘this location’. Life throws us whereverrrr!

Forty years ago, I recall sitting among my mates in a third world country wondering what the future would be like. I did not get to 2020. We had only projected to 2015 among the small group. Well, I’m here now in 2020. This is very strange, for me only!

We used to wonder if we’d be seeing cubed-shaped audiovisual devices, like from Dick Tracy. Today – 2020 – it is not cubed-shaped communication devices. It is flat with a  larger screen than Dick Tracy would use. Relief. I can call anybody in any part of the world. I can see them and talk to them (if they have the right software and equipment). I couldn’t imagine this future would become reality. Back then it seemed far-fetched. It is a future I could not have imagined – at all.

But 2020 is a very special year. The numbers 2020 won’t be repeated in increments for the next thousand years i.e. 3030 . In case some are so dim not to have worked it out 4040 is 2000 years away! FFS! Some fool is asking me, in a corner of my mind; “What does FFS mean?” Jeeeez – I’m tormented!

Anyways, getting back on track – 2020 is a very special year; numerically at least. So, with glass of Scotch in hand – occasionally moved to my lips – to ingest some of the contents – I wonder about the world as I knew it, and what may be in store.

‘Everybody’ likes a rosy outlook. Yuh know – some projection about the positive – how great the human race is – how far we’ve come etc etc. But no – I’m deeply worried about the future of the ‘human race’. Oh dear God…! How?

Stupid:  Are you  depressed?

CW:  I might feel depressed about the future of the human race – this does not mean I’m clinically depressed.

Stupid:  You’re trying to make everybody feel as depressed as you – isn’t it?

CW:   No.

Stupid: What are you trying  to do?

CW: That’s a slightly more intelligent question coming from you. I’m actually just trying to share my perspectives and recollections.

Stupid:  Sure – but do you have to be so negative all the time?

CW:  I’m not negative all the time. I’ve seen some really amazing things done by ‘the humans’ over the years. That’s all quite positive.

Stupid:  So why do you focus so much on the negative?

CW:   I don’t aim to focus on the negative. I focus on reality. I weigh up positives and negatives. I see some significant negatives that can ‘take down’ the human race.

Stupid: What’s all this take about ‘the human race’ – are you an extra-terrestrial?

CW: Sometimes I feel like an imaginary extra-terrestrial might be imagined to feel.

Stupid:  Can you give a straight yes or no please?

CW:  No. I was born here on ‘planet earth’ but my reasoning about ‘life’ here, has been pretty different to 90% of ‘the humans’. Hence they say that I’m from ‘Zog’.

Stupid:  Where is Zog?

CW:   Nobody knows. It is just a metaphor for people who do not fit in.

Stupid: Assuming for the moment that you might be from ‘Zog’, what’s it like?

CW: You mean on Zog? I’ve never been to Zog.

Stupid: No – I only meant what it feels like.

CW:  Hmmmm.. this conversation is pretty strange, cuz you’re not asking as idiotic questions as I would have expected.

Stupid:  Answer the question!

CW:  Okay – but I don’t see what this has to do with ‘2020’. I don’t feel part of the ‘human race’, becuz I think and feel so differently to most of them.

Stupid:  And?

CW: I’ve referred to myself as a ‘Zogite’ – just to make it palatable to idiots. The humans tend to laugh at things like that.

Stupid: So you think you’re better than everybody else?

CW: No. I think I’m pretty different from most people. Is this going somewhere?

Stupid:  Are you an extraterrestrial?

CW:   I’ve wondered about this. There are several dimensions which the humans cannot see. The quantum field is a projection of some of those dimensions. As I appear so ‘strange’, I could well be a projection from other dimensions. But I wouldn’t know, within the current dimensional constraints.

Stupid: Answer the question! Are you or aren’t you?

CW: I don’t know! So I can’t give a straight answer.

Stupid: What’s any of this got to do with 2020?

CW:  I don’t know. I was just answering some of  your questions.

Stupid:  You think that you’re so special that you’re from some other world or dimension – isn’t it?

CW:   No!

Stupid: The post on 2020 was just a cover – isn’t it?

CW: Rigghhhtttt! I can see where this is going. Back to your cage.

Stupid:  Hold on. You know I’m  onto something. Stop being  so evasive!

CW:  No. I’m not evasive. Get back in your cage.

Stupid:  Wait.  Hold on.. h.. hold..

CW:   No! You’re gone! End off.

I don’t know how at times this fool above breaks out of their cage. Well, I’m joking of course.

Back on track, I don’t think that 2020 ‘holds’ anything great for the human race. Sure, there will be new inventions and technology etc. These are the things ‘we’ create. We’re good at making stuff, especially the things that can blow up the whole world. I don’t think we’re good at making greatest difference to ‘us’. The ‘human’ has been largely neglected in the grand rush to ‘create things’. Some will say that the world is a much better place today than it was 50 years ago – and I’d agree. For sure we have more food, more energy, better transportation etc in most countries. But that’s not what I’m talking about. What makes us most human is the human mind.

Development of ‘the mind’ has been neglected. How can I say that when we have far more education all around? Education does not make ‘good minds’. Education makes for better educated minds. But that doesn’t mean that we’ll have better human minds. I can say that because stupidity remains an invincible force. Stupidity is very much alive among the most educated. When I explored ‘What does it mean to be human?‘ I contrasted human strengths against human weaknesses. It is the weaknesses that that need much more focus and work.

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