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This is not an advertisement! This is only about me sharing knowledge of something very useful. It’s called Roboform. Immediately some fool somewhere wants to know whether it’s free. ‘Everybody’ wants ‘everything’ for free innit. Well it is not! So if you’re looking for ‘free’ – kindly get lost right NOW!

I’ve been using Roboform for many years. I’ve encouraged supposedly intelligent people do use it. But guess what – force of habit and laziness predominates. So these people keep asking me for shared passwords to various things. I keep hearing from other people “Oh I lost me password..” or “I forgot me password … ” or “I lost me phone…” or “Me computer was hacked…” as if those are pardonable.

Below is an important comparison of Roboform v Chrome Browser – and this is not just about passwords! Jeeez – what’s wrong with people! Free download here. Whooops! Oh know… you know who is out of the cage!

Stupid:   Are you selling this?!

CW:  No. I said it was not an advertisement.

Stupid:  But you’re making some sort of commission – aren’t you?

CW:   No.

Stupid:  You must have shares in their business.

CW:   No.

Stupid:  Don’t try to be clever.

CW:   I’m not trying anything.

Stupid:  So you’re sharing this information from the ‘goodness of your heart’.

CW:   Yes. Is that okayyyy?

Stupid:  Well I don’t believe that cuz people mostly share stuff like this when they’re up to something.

CW:   Thanks. I’m not ‘people’.

Stupid:  So why do you spend your time doing this ‘goodness of your heart’ thing? You don’t have anything better to do with your time?

CW:   I’m doing this for the benefit of anyone who wants to benefit. Yes – I don’t have anything better to do with my time. What I do with my time is for me to decide – not people or you.

Stupid:  Well I’ll never use Roboform.

CW:   That’s right.. so it’s not for you. Back to your cage!

Stupid:  Hold on.. I’m not fin….

CW:   Yes – you’re finished. Back in the box.. gone!

Disclaimer & Guidance

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