Taylor Wilson: The Next Einstein!

Taylor Wilson (not related to Taylor Swift – just in case), has been called ‘The Next Einstein‘ – not by me. This is not a spoon-feeding session so anybody who reads this had better do some searching on the net to learn more. I will post a few key links and videos but this is only for my own note-keeping.

This guy built a nuclear reactor in a garage at the age of 14, with no special government funding but he did have help from some very knowledgeable people. Well, that might sound like manure, except that President Obama and the Dept of Homeland Security did not think so. And in case anyone reading this is thinking or asking, “How come I’ve not heard about him before?“, the answer is that you’re so stupid you are beyond help – you love your daily traditional broadsheets or tabloids that feed you junk. In other words, you’re definitely not ‘the next Einstein’. Agreed? Yes we are!

To jump into the story the following videos are informative. Viewing is optional – which means you are not bullied to watch anything! Chrysst! And – I’m so not interested in whether you have a dog to feed or take to the vet right now!

When I first came across this story, my honest first idea was that this was some sort of hype. But I had to change my mind. It’s for real.

Supplementary references:

  1. The Boy who played with Fusion (the book).
  2. Bio on Wikipedia
  3. Popsci feature by Tom Clynes – brilliant read.
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