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Victims of their parents’ stupidity

Some people think that only the mentally ill can have delusions, whilst others label various politicians as delusional but not suffering with a mental disorder. The main point is that people can and do believe whatever they want. People can evaluate any evidence they might find and come up with conclusions (ideas, beliefs etc) – that are equal in intensity or quality to delusions.

Nothing in this post refers to any identifiable individual. Just to be 200% clear this post is not a lecture on mental illness or anything that could be related to any professional expertise I may have. Yes – I have to interrupt with disclaimers and qualifiers due to the over-activity of various kinds of ‘thought police’.

Right – so what’s this about? It starts with a story of a podiatrist who has set up a clinic to treat autistic children with bleach. The story is fully covered in The Times 2020-02-22 (tough if you who reads this don’t have full access). I will quote from The Times report (full credit given to The Times). Basically what happened was that a Times reporter posing as a parent went undercover, visited the clinic seeking advice and got it. Chaplin said:

..that using chlorine dioxide on an autistic child would lead to a big improvement. “Good for you” for considering it, she added.

It gets better – how to tackle the problem from both ends! Two ends are better than one – innit!

Ms Chaplin gave the names of two websites that sold chlorine dioxide and said that up to 20 drops a day could be stirred into a drink and given to a child. When asked whether it could be administered with an enema, she recommended buying a funnel to pour it into the child’s rectum, adding: “Well, you’re tackling it from both ends, you see. I think you’ve still got to introduce it orally because you know it’s going right through the system then and you can have the pathogens in the oesophagus, and the liver and the stomach. But through the rectum, yeah, you’re getting straight into the colon.”

Then people from some sort of support group who believe in this treatment join in:

A poster in Ms Chaplin’s waiting room advertised Ms Rivera’s book Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism, and recommended joining a private group she runs on Telegram, a social media app.

“We have had regressive behaviour when he needs detoxing and he can be really tense and a little angry/aggressive too but has never hurt anyone — just throw things, slammed doors and broken windows.” Ms Rivera replied: “You need 24 doses a day.”

Ms Rivera is a former estate agent from – wait for it.. coming.. hold on.. yep… AMERICA! Wooohoooo… idiots all over the world find great credibility in self-made experts from the land of ‘the great’.

The big issue of course is ‘Why are people so monumentally stupid?Stupidity is a topic often avoided – as the term is seen as abusive of everybody. But there was a time in history when we could talk more openly about human stupidity re: Bonhoeffer

This whole story is really about how stupid people operate:

  1. Jump on internet and find some ‘expert’.
  2. Quote the expert.
  3. Read expert reviews of other experts.
  4. Find a group who believe all this (crap).
  5. Then runaway on some bandwagon.

Look here at a book review of Rivera’s book (ideas from which spawned Chaplin’s clinic):

Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD, says…
The world of autism is rocking again. Kerri Rivera has done it. In this comprehensive book she has condensed and simplified the core elements of the biomedical approach, those that work 90% of the time on 90% of the children. Her focus on using a unified and affordable approach to reduce the body burden of chronic infections and infestations is addressing the very core issue of most autistic children and adults. It has made her method the most powerful tool to this day to help many children recover safely, inexpensively and solidly. Her research is validated by the enormously positive response from parents from all over the world.


Teri Arranga, Executive director of AutismOne, says…
In 3 years, 115 children previously diagnosed with regressive autism were able to shed their diagnosis, their symptoms and return to an overall state of health and vitality. If you have any interest in finding out how they were able to heal you need to read this book. Kerri has a heart for children with autism, and she cares greatly about recommending safe, economical interventions that are helping to confront an epidemic.

Obviously – if these big experts are endorsing this book and its treatments – then it must be good right!? This is how stupid people are!

There will always be stupid people who are duped by a myriad of methods. These people are often seen as mere victims and tend to attract sympathy or even pity. The over forgiving public will say ‘Well, they won’t know what’s what – so they believe what experts say!’ Well sorry – there is a thing called individual responsibility – which has been thrown out of the window in recent years. Stupidity is not a mental illness. In an ‘information era’ it doesn’t take much to get on the internet and do some basic research. But then people who believe stupid claims about this or that health cure are thrown even deeper into the victim role. Yuh know – ‘Oh they’re just desperate for help. They’ll do anything to get help for their children.” – which must mean also harming their children. Just to be 200% clear, I’m not saying that Rivera and Chaplin are off the hook. They should both be locked up! My point again is, that individuals have a responsibility to themselves and their children to not be stupid.

There are several ‘treatments’ for various symptoms and afflictions out there. Once there is a certain momentum, following and group belief that A, B, or C works then these things become reality. The reality of ‘unshakeable myths’. Some are unaware of the name Simon Singh – the only person to take on the British Chiropractic Association. And he suffered. He eventually won on appeal but still was not fully compensated – suffering a final loss of £150,000, for speaking up on the truth. How do I know? Cuz I sat at Simon Singh’s feet a few years ago and listened to his unpublished version of the whole truth. To remain delusional – or rather afflicted by myth avoid Simon Singh’s book –  and go here for bandwagons of self-soothing junk!

Disclaimer & Guidance

The reading of posts on this blog is subject to the Terms & Conditions. Unpalatable truths and personal experiences may be told. Nothing posted on this blog is directed at any identifiable person. Should any person or organisation reading this blog find something that makes them feel or know that they  are being referred to. Any such perceived identification is co-incidental – not factual. ‘Stupid‘ is an impish figment of my imagination who occasionally is allowed to pop up – and does not represent any known individual, individuals or groups. The treatment of  ‘Stupid‘ is not representative of the way people are treated in real life. Adverse inferences made are dismissed in advance.  

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