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Self-defeating boomerangs and manure lives

Right – I’ve decided not to define what self-defeating and boomerang means!

Nothing in this post refers to any identifiable individual, even if perchance something here resonates with you.  This site cannot cater for persons of a psychologically weakened disposition. You are warned not to read further, if you know this sort of content will cause you psychological disturbance. ‘We’ owe you no duty of care. This means you are now totally responsible for any ill-health you may suffer if you read on. If in doubt move on. 

Everybody should know that a boomerang is a thing that when thrown into the air at a certain angle and speed, will be expected to rotate, go up, make an arc. How does it do this? You could spend your life studying the physics involved. In a summary the boomerang is ‘destined’ to a path by the laws of fluid dynamics (physics etc). Slow down and think.

The shape of the boomerang is important. Somebody designed it. Therefore when it is thrown, the laws of nature act on its shape to cause it to fly in an arc. A boomerang has no choice over its shape – obviously! Those who wish to understand boomerangs should start with the video below and stop reading anything more on this site.

Moving on – what does this mean for people? Let’s start with the ‘shape’ of people – and if you’re thick as 10 planks you’d be thinking simplistically about obesity or its opposite. I’m of course referring to the constitution of people – mainly their psychological frameworks. People are ‘shaped’, groomed or programmed from birth into so-called maturity. Their thinking and behavioural patterns – all shaped by others, systems and cultures. This means that very few people can declare honestly that they’re self-made or self-re-made. Their ‘choices’ of likes and dislikes; their religious or spiritual values; tastes in food, music and movies, and social circles – are all programmed – and thereafter will predetermine how they spend their time and money.

So what that means is that the ‘shape of people’s psyche’ then predetermines what will happen to them statistically within the world in which they live. Did I say the whole world? I did not. I’m thinking of the individual circumstances and interactions of people, in the domains of social, cultural, legal etc. And – you can dice up the latter into smaller categories if you like.

But the inner world of the psyche is also shaped to ‘boomerang’. How? The cognitive, emotional and behavioural patterns programmed into the ‘shape’ of the psyche, means that whatever weighs on ‘it’ will lead to a limited range of foreseeable outcomes. Some people suffer these outcomes. Nothing they do seems to make any difference to the direction or goal they actually want. This was the concept of ‘The Wall‘ I referred to. True enduring advantage seems to escape them repeatedly. Then they’d say things like ‘If only I could catch a  billionaire‘. Wishful thinking – it ain’t happening except by extreme luck.

People without luck actually refer to those who are better off as being ‘lucky’. That’s so wrong, it infuriates me. The top 5% will have had some initial advantages – and some will not have had any, but they all had to do some serious hard work to get into their ‘luck’. So – in other words, it wasn’t bledy luck at all. What people don’t want to do is gain control over their world. Really? Yes – they’d say things which give an impression that they want control – but when you look at it – what they really want is a cushy job that takes them into pensionable years. Well – that’s not controlling ‘your world’. A pension – promise of it – is that which has controlled ‘you’ most of your working life!


Stupid:  What the devil is all this psychobabble!?

CW:   Your question is loaded. I refuse to answer that dumbass question. Come again..  else you’re back in the box in less than the blink of my eye.

Stupid:  So – basically you’re saying that people can’t escape their pasts?

CW:   Yes – in general. A few may escape the things that ensnare or enslave them – but only through extreme effort.

Stupid:  What exactly does that mean?

CW:   People spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to ‘understand’ why they are the way they are, as if that will bring them a sense of power to change.

Stupid:  I see nothing wrong with that.

CW: I don’t decide what’s wrong or right for people. What I know from years of experience of others (some my own), is that understanding does not actually give power.

Stupid:  Eh? Never heard such rubbish in all my life!

CW:   Well, you’re only about 3 years old – since you are a creation of my imagination.

Stupid:  So you mean that understanding doesn’t help people much.

CW: Yes – this is not a clinical opinion. It’s my observation taken from clinical experiences. People search for understanding and meaning, through books, movies biographies etc. When they do get that understanding of their own lives, through looking at others, they are still confronted by the truly big problem of changing the patterns that ensnared them for decades. This is why I’ve focused on ‘doing’ more than ‘understanding’. Of course, I’m not here to convince anybody out of the myth that ‘understanding’ is a prerequisite to ‘doing’.

Stupid:  That’s sooo complicated. Are you trying to confuse me?

CW:   There are limits to your abilities to fathom this stuff. I’m not here to cure or develop you.

Stupid:  So you’re saying that people need to do more changing of patterns, than understanding themselves. Nobody believes that.

CW: Amazingly clear coming from you. Yes – I am saying that changing of patterns of thought, emotional reactions, social circles, behavioural patterns – are all a short circuit to achieving change.

Stupid:  How can people do this?

CW:   There are various methods. I’m not here to guide people or to provide therapy. Sorry. So I’ll say no more. I’m not even expressing a clinical opinion. I’m only sharing what is my personal evidence base – and I may be totally wrong. If people need help or therapy they had better seek that from an appropriate expert.

Stupid:  Are you also saying that people are not in control of their lives?

CW: I’m saying that people feel their in control of their lives a lot of the time. But those people will also know that they are controlled by ‘circumstances’. These folk often use words such as ‘can’t’ or ‘have to’.

Stupid:  But the reality is that people can’t do certain things because they are limited by financial constraints for example.

CW:   Holy moly! I totally gobsmacked that you’re actually asking intelligent questions today! Right – I’m not saying that people do not have real constraints at a point in time in their lives. What I’m saying is that how they got there is a result of sets of patterns which ensnared them – patterns which they may have recognised, and which they were unable to break free of. This is why they come to use ‘can’t’ and ‘have to’. This naturally means that they’ll be further ensnared or enslaved for the future.

Stupid:  Ahahhh… I get it now.

CW:   […. speechless for 15 seconds]…. okayyy….what a day.. thanks for breaking and not being 100% stupid.. not sure how that happened.. bye for now.


Moving on, what people do is actually submit to ‘the system’ designed to enslave them – and hope for the best. Oh yes – along the way they’ll go, “I so lurve my job“. Sure – this is the culturally cool thing to say in Eng-uh-land, and many parts of the world. Could you imagine saying, “I hate my job but I’ve been in it for 35 years a slave“. Well good, take what you get over 35 years and shut up! Don’t ask for more, accept your manure-life – and don’t come around me to moan and groan, or share your fantasies for a better life! … Chrysst.. it’s happened again…… drat…


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