Evil people and music

I’ve been told by many in my very limited circles that epic music is evil and only listened to by weird people. Well, weird I may be but ‘evil’ I am not – except to stupid people! Stick with the ‘evil’ thing. How do people come to ‘know’ that epic music is evil? They cannot explain this – they just ‘know it’.

This just ‘knowing it’ thing which was unexplained, caught my interest. The reality is that no music can be evil at all. Music exists in nature; created by animals in songs, chirps, patterns of squeaks etc. So perhaps I’m to believe that some animals are ‘evil’? NONSENSE! Then some people argue ‘Well, it’s not evil, it represents evil’. But then they can’t explain how they come to that conclusion, either.

So what do I think? I think that lots of people have unconsciously associated epic music with tales of woe, wars, battle and witchcraft etc – which they pick up from movies (film, TV or wha’everrrr). Yes – many of those scenes will have epic music in the background. Thereafter, hearing epic music leads these poor programmed simple souls to come to their conclusions.

What does this mean? It means that people are unaware of how they come to their conclusions, and that they are simple programmed by their experiences. I close with another evil piece! To get the evil lyrics (caution) go here!

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