Virus teaches people about the true essentials of life – or not

by Captain Walker

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I am thankful for the COVID-19 virus attack on the world – though many lives will be lost – a terrible cost – because we will be taught as a society a different sort of social contract with our leaders, and people around us. We also will be reminded about the essentials of ‘life’, which is not about boozing up 3 nights per week, jetting off to exotic destinations on credit card money, take-away meals, etc. We shall become more appreciative of the freedoms we take/took for granted.

Based on my experience of people over the last 20 years and more recently, I have come to realise that people do not actually think much about what is essential to life. Errrh.. as always, I should define what I’m talking out to avoid some moron drifting into a tangential argument. By life I mean, the things that sustain life in physical form.

In times of abundance, people seem to know that life is about living it up!
1. Take-aways
2. Eating out.
3. Cinema
4. Driving up and down the place.
5. Flying to exotic destinations on credit card money.
6. Spending disproportionate hours on the likes of Facebook.

Now an itty bitty but powerful virus has caused a lock down on nearly all the above. Hey ho – KFC, Burger King and one or two other fast food outlets are about to re-open or have re-opened. For my part I knew I wasn’t going to visit any of those outlets if they were paying me to attend and giving free food! But in conversation with some colleagues at work, their expectation was that people would flood into the fastfood outlets like nobody’s business. I thought about it – and agreed! How? Why? Because people are STUPID! Well, there were photgraphs of people queuing up outside of these fastfood outlets. Like – people were dying for a Burger King burger. Never mind about catching COVID-19; it’s like that burger was life itself.

My so-called friends – because a small handful consider me a friend, though I know I have no friends – are busy wasting their time at home during lockdowns. They occupy themselves with the usual round of mind-numbing activities such as:
1. Social media!
2. Endless movies on the likes of Netflix, Amazon and other streaming services.
3. Reading a whole pile of novels.
4. Stuffing their faces – and not losing weight, on the grounds that they couldn’t exercise well enough during the lockdown.

In conversation with one so-called friend, I discovered that they had no list of priorities – as that causes stress. I didn’t want to cause any stress, so I basically played the game of hypocrisy and said ‘That’s great. Stress is bad‘. If you tell people what they want to hear, they’ll just lap it up. So funny really.

Passing strange, if only to myself, that people have so much more time on their hands to sort out so many aspects of their lives that they always wanted to, but then they focus on all sorts of time-fillers that won’t really take them very far forward. Did I say that some people are not getting into education and personal development? I did NOT. When one makes a generalisation which may cover any significant percentage of people, it’s the usual for ‘some’ to find the exception that applies to them. Tough – I am not at liberty or inclination to do statistical surveys on who does what. So, I’ll generalise away as I please! People deserve what they don’t get. Arrgghhh.. oh gord.. .!

Stupid:  What the hell! Who do you think you are to tell people how to live and spend their personal time.
CW:   You had better remind yourself who you really are and the nature of your existence, before I snuff you out! I am nobody! I’ve not told anybody how to live their lives or how to spend their personal time. All I’ve done is made generalisations  on how I see significant proportions of people operating.
Stupid:  No need to bully!
CW:   Who you? I’ll tell you straight like it is. Your existence is what I allow. You have no rights. I’ll kick you out of the my recesses of my mind, as swiftly as I kick my so-called friends. The appropriate application of force or authority is not bullying. I was about to say ‘get your brain’ into gear, but swiftly realised that is an impossibility for you.
Stupid:  Okay. So you want people to spend their time differently?
CW:   Nope.
Stupid:  So why are you criticising people?!!
CW:   I may be critical. Not every critical comment means I’m criticising individuals.
Stupid:  Really how is that possible?
CW:   It’s this simple: people say what they want to achieve, to better themselves. They need time to do that – as they have always moaned that they don’t have enough time when at work. Now when about >70% of the UK workforce is at home most times,  they have a lot of time on their hands. So – time-fillers of the type outlined – seems like an exercise in futility. A reasonable person would think that they would take the time to make a list of priorities and at least knuckle down on a few near the top.
Stupid:  But some people will be stressed by lists of priorities.
CW:   Sure. Hence I’ll patronise some who want to hear that ‘all stress is to be avoided at this time‘.
Stupid:  Disgusting – you patronising people.
CW:   I couldn’t give a flying flamingo!
Stupid:  So when they discover what you’re doing, you’re gonna cause them to distance themselves from you or sack you as a friend.
CW:   Absolutely – except for the part,  that ‘as a friend’; is what they may think they are. As I said in other places, I give everybody 4 ends of the rope. My modus operandi was never to gather friends. I do what I do to help those who demonstrate a willingness to reflect on different ways of operating, and to take constructive action to remedy their lives. A few start off, on that path. Most deviate off, and in so doing I patronise their ass with what they want to hear, until they deselect me by various means.
Stupid:  Is that good for you then?
CW:   Of course. I spend my time investing in others for no benefit to myself. So I have nothing to lose, other than time itself. Therefore, if I save time by being deselected, I’m actually better off.
Stupid:  That’s too complicated for me.
CW:   I agree. You’re called STUPID, for a reason!
Stupid: How insulting. But getting back to COVID, so you’re saying that people shouldn’t be on social media or watching Netflix movies.
CW: I said nothing of the sort.
Stupid: So what are your saying?
CW: Tough shit – I’m not going to repeat myself.
Stupid: You’re being difficult. I’m just trying to understand.
CW: I’m not going to read this blog of you and help you to understand.
Stupid: Why?!
CW: Because I have better things to do with my time. I think it’s bedtime for you.
Stupid: Hang on.. you always do this. Wait…
CW: No! You’re back in the box. End of!

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