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How do people value other people?

In these COVID-19 times it has become more obvious how people value the company of other people. Socialisation is a very big issue. People will risk their lives to attend fast food outlets, DIYs, beaches etc – when the lockdown has not be properly lifted. This made me think deeper. For sure there is an instinct driving a ‘need’ for social contact. Just to be clear – it doesn’t bother me if I can’t socialise, cuz I could easily live like a hermit without a problem! But from my quasi-hermit-like existence – which is totally fine by me – I observe the humans.

People value other people for various things. It may be one person or several in a group. People derive some sort of pleasure from socialisation. It’s really blindingly obvious – cuz people spend tons of money just to socialise. The mindmap below are some of my ideas on this. Did I say it was perfect and included ‘everything’? I did NOT! (click mindmap for a larger view).


Stupid:  That’s ridiculous – you left out sex under ‘physical factors’! How dare you?!”

CW:  Are you obsessed with sex? What do you know about it!?

Stupid:  Well, I don’t know much but it is physical.

CW:  It is most of the time but there are all sorts of non-physical sex.

Stupid:  Like?

CW:  Just calm down. I’m not here to educate you on sex. If you had internet access, I’d say Google is your friend.

Stupid:  But people do meet up for sex I’m told and people value each other for sex.

CW:  Ok. That’s a fair point. I’d say physical contact of any type is important to people and ‘sex’ is in there.

Stupid:  So – are you gonna amend your mind map?

CW:  No. It’s not a perfect mindmap. I did too many editions of it before posting so not going back to cover each thing that crops up.

Stupid:  Okay.. I know what you’re gonna say.. so I’m heading back into the box.

CW:  Yep – you got that right. Off you pop.

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