COVID laziness

by Captain Walker

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Laziness is a topic I’ve touched on many times before. The recent pandemic of COVID-19 has brought out some interesting features about laziness. I’ll make some sweeping generalisations about people (which means there are bound to be exceptions aplenty).

The most startling of all is that when people are paid to stay at home, collect their usual paycheck and be lazy at home, they then decide that they can’t do it. Ahahhh but if they’re at work during normal times they’d quickly call a sickie to be lazy at home for a week or two. Of course, I get it that more than two weeks is too much. So perhaps I should infer that laziness is time limited to 2 weeks at home? But it’s a pretty mixed picture.

Some of the most lazy people though, have started reading books, watching educational films, educating themselves, learning new IT skills etc. Some other types of lazy people have continued beyond two weeks, boozing up, stuffing their faces, bingeing on the likes of Netflix, and going whole hog on social media. No surprises that Netflix and Amazon’s shares had beaten the recent correction in the US stock markets. Yes – I happen to know that other streaming services did well too. One man’s laziness is another man’s profit. Brilliant. (The word ‘man’ is not sexist! Chrysst! Okay – so women are doing the same.  Did I say all men or women? Jeeeez!). Did I say that people are pigs? I did NOT!

But what are some of the lazy buggers glued on to, on film-streaming services? The usual junk that they enjoy. Same with YouTube – the usual nonsense they look at – just truckloads more of the same. Hang on a sec – I’m not telling people what to do. If you’re someone with an IQ greater than 120, then you might think that people would use the time to ‘expand horizons’. Well that’s the problem right there. Most people are not of an IQ of >120. So  – what’s happening, is not ‘expanding horizons’ but filling horizons to the brim!

Gossip tabloids – these are doing well too. Why? People – the laziest ones have opted to fill their heads with junk!

The morons – programmed as they are – are unable to see the big changes about to happen. The whole world is about to reset how work will happen, as the virus will not be just rolling over and dying any time soon. Don’t start on nonsense about hopes of a vaccine – vaccine or no vaccine, lockdowns are likely to continue for about the next two years at least. Ahhhhh.. but people don’t want to hear or believe that, so they listen to and believe the high hopes uttered by their leaders. Lots of ‘work’ in the future will depend on people who are IT proficient. So – the morons who are spending their time bingeing on Netflix and YouTube junk, tanking up on novels of various sorts for their reading, will have a nasty surprise. Eh? Yep – they’ll be furloughed, then put on benefits and set to one side. These are statements of probability – not prediction!

On the other hand I’ve heard from some, how they are using their time productively to declutter their homes, paint over interiors, and take care of their garden etc. This is good stuff a) because it’s exercise and b) investment in improving surroundings and property – are sound things to do.

Some people have been saying that they have to wait until the lockdown is over before they can exercise. This obviously means that before their were gyms people did no exercise at all – right? What do I tell these people? I simple say, ‘Yeah good plan‘. People just want to hear their ideas and stupid plans validated. No – they don’t want disagreement, or alternative ideas like running a marathon distance in their backyard over the course of a week. Oh no – running – errrh.. that’s impact exercise. I’m told that’s bad. If I was to suggest walking one quarter of a marathon distance in their backyard over a week, I could bet I’d hear a ton of plausible excuses.

Then in May – June 202o there was relaxation of lockdowns in England. It started before the Dominic Cummings palaver. Unofficially quite a percentage of Brits – and I don’t know how much – had been done as Cummings did. So then there was a lack of laziness. People suddenly burst into ‘life’. The George Floyd debacle in America seemed to draw on some sort of newfound energy. Okay it was terrible – so I understand how people were energised.

Along the way people began working more at home – except quite a proportion of them were scratching their arses at home. They could not be readily found at home – and nobody actually what work they were doing ‘from home’.


  1. One of the best ways to treat laziness is to lock people down!
  2. Lockdowns are not a cure for laziness – people will still be lazy before during and after.
  3. People lurve junk.
  4. People think that everybody else is as stupid as them!
  5. There is usually less laziness about tanking up on food, booze and time-filling mind-numbing film.

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