Hacking reality

by Captain Walker

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I’m obviously on a roll, with the topic of reality. From mid-June I’ve looked at various aspects of ‘reality’ from psychological and philosophical perspectives. Tough – I’m not providing links to those posts. What – everybody wants to be spoon fed. It ain’t happening!

So – in the last week I’ve also been looking at reality from mathematical ‘theory’ in close connection to what some would call ‘physics’. Actually, this is more about physics in the so-called quantum or sub-quantum realms. I do not need to be a quantum physicist to appreciate understandings of these things. But I know loadsah people would not even get closer than 10 miles to these things. Anyways, there are some important and good video explanations that I’ve studied below. Errrmm…. I’m struggling to hold off a ‘quantum idiot’ from intruding into my writing but I may fail. Maybe they’ll pop out of the quantum-sphere in due course. Right now for the videos. Ooops.. I spoke too soon!

Stupid: What’s all this rubbish?!!

CW: Chrysst! I knew you were gonna break out. You’ve not come on for some time. It’s not rubbish. It is a proper mathematical exploration of reality.

Stupid: I’m not a mathematician.

CW: Good. You wouldn’t have the intelligence to be one either.

Stupid: No need to be insulting. I just don’t understand what all this is about. You’re not being helpful!

CW: I’m not insulting when I speak the facts. My job is not to help you or anybody else understand anything.

Stupid: So why are you posting all this gobbledeegook up? You’re trying to appear more intelligent than everybody – isn’t it?

CW: I’m not even gonna give you time with your very immature attempt at a take down.

Stupid: Ha.. ha! Evasive.

CW: I post on this blog as a record of my personal exploration and learning. End of!

Stupid: No. The little I can pick up, is that they’re saying something about reality being a projection of 8-dimensional crystalline space into our 4-dimensional quasi-crystalline space, creating some sort of pixels like on a screen in our world. That’s just crazy and totally confusing.

CW: Huh! You’re not supposed to have access to YouTube. How on earth did you pick that up?

Stupid: Well, I’m in your head – innit. So, I hear everything that you listen to dummy!

CW: Ok. You have a point there. Yes – your basic understanding is unusually ‘on the button’.

Stupid: I don’t have a button.

CW: Jeeez. Leave that off. You are right in your basic understanding. I’m shocked that you gathered that much!

Stupid:  Correction. I don’t understand it. I said ‘I can pick up’.  I just repeated what I recalled. But it’s all theory. Nobody has seen any of this.

CW: Right. Yes – and they probably will never see it either. You, I, nor anybody else, can see anything above 4 dimensions.


Stupid: And who is that woman I hear in the video? Do you fancy her?

CW: WTF!! This conversation is about to go the wrong way.

Stupid: Answer up! You’re being evasive and the next thing, you’ll be locking me away. I know you.

CW: This has nothing to do with the woman or whether I fancy her! She does a good job of presenting a lot of complex information. She’s not a scientist of any sort. She is an actor. Her qualifications do not include anything to do with science.

Stupid: And!?

CW: And – you’re back in the box!

Stupid: W…ww.. wait.. stop!!

CW: Nope! You’re gone!

So – moving on. This is the problem of ‘hacking reality’.

  1. We live within 3 or 4 dimensions that we are aware of.
  2. Through mathematics and quantum research it emerges that our regular dimensions are the precipitate of a ‘crystalline’ projection from 8 higher dimensions (the E8 space for simplicity).
  3. We could not possibly imagine what happens in those dimensions. This is because we have no sensory apparatus that can go there and give us a picture. Even if we went into those dimensions, we might cease to exist and never get back to our own dimensions.
  4. We are the analogous pixels projected by the higher dimensions – including all of our mathematics, physics, and our very physical forms. The laws we discover in our universe are all determined by what goes on higher up the ‘tree’. We’ll quite probably never know what goes on in the E8 space.
  5. In our puny 4-D space our minds struggle to get closer to what happens outside ‘the head’.
  6. The evolution of our brains causes mistakes in the mind. Therefore we are limited in how we assess the world outside (our heads – that 4-D space).
  7. It’s as difficult for mere bugs crawling on a screen of our TV or computer screens, to work out a) what they’re seeing and b) all that went into creating the array of changing pixels.

If you got this far and have developed a headache, kindly reach for some analgesics. Those who are fine can read Quantum Gravity’s layperson’s overview, which is more likely to cause headaches.

Disclaimer & Guidance

The reading of posts on this blog is subject to the Terms & Conditions. Unpalatable truths and personal experiences may be told. Nothing posted on this blog is directed at any identifiable person. Should any person or organisation reading this blog find something that makes them feel or know that they  are being referred to – any such perceived identification is co-incidental – not factual. ‘Stupid‘ is an impish figment of my imagination who occasionally is allowed to pop up – and does not represent any known individual, individuals or groups. The treatment of  ‘Stupid‘ is not representative of the way people are treated in real life. Adverse inferences made are dismissed in advance.  

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