The COVID push

by Captain Walker

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To be clear at the outset, I do not like the COVID-19 virus. It has caused a large number of deaths, chronic disabilities and economic chaos.

Technology & work

Right – once that’s out of the way, what I will say is that COVID has pushed all sorts of systems to adapt. You don’t get a list. Basically, the way people work has had to change. Now across several systems people have had to work remotely – else everything would grind to a halt.

Remote working means that people have had to do more work using computers, internet and a range of software. Yeah – they did work before with the technologies but now they have been forced to learn more and do more, using the same technology that existed pre-COVID.

Employers have recognised that the nature of work will have to change – and they have started changing already.  Projecting beyond the crisis it is expected that 37% of people will be working from home. That’s a whole load of people, double that of pre-COVID times. Those who like facts and figures etc can read more from Forbes.


People have become far more conscious about their health – obviously they don’t wish to catch a ghastly disease. So masks, gloves and loads of virus-killing hand gel are the new norm. People have been reading more on how the virus may be spread through droplets (of saliva). A few days ago it was splashed across the BBC that the virus may be hiding in aerosols from human breath for up to an hour, according to recent research. I had to laugh, because it wasn’t recent at all. This was known 30 years ago. It was revisited by laser studies of human breath and high speed photography, in the last 15 years (pre-COVID). The way to plead ignorance is to say “I’m not a doctor or a laser expert!” Then there are the idiots who want to argue whether microdroplets should be distinguished from aerosols. I’m not getting into it!

On a different note, people are realising that they can’t just rush down to the gym as they used to. So, there are all sorts of innovations for helping people exercise at home. Google may be your friend – not me! I’ve given far to many links above to other things (only because I wanted to preserve the links).

Some people have reduced their binges on alcohol, while others have increased their binges. Same with tobacco, and same for illegal drugs.

Mental health has been suffering. But people will have to adapt. The virus will push everybody to make lifestyle changes. People will learn to cope more with not meeting up as often in person, and use technology for more virtual meetings. The IT will adapt too to facilitate 3D video-conferencing. So that will help with isolation and feelings of anxiety (or panic). No longer can people expect to get a counsellor in quick time or to meet one face to face.


To adapt means one has to evolve or change. COVID-19 has lead to physical obstacles of various kinds.  The biggest obstacle to change is actually the human mind – which is not a ‘physical’ thing. People and their minds change largely in response to discomfort, threatened needs, or new needs. I’ll close with a YouTube vid.

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