Problem solving

by Captain Walker

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As usual, it’s some discussion in the background that motivates me to think deeply about these things. But I draw on my experience of how people approach problems in general. I’ve been trying to extract some broad themes across a range of ‘problems’. So, I’m not focusing on mathematical, IT or housing problems etc. This is more about what individuals tend to do – and I’m not saying that ‘everybody’ will do the same things all the time. Some say problem solving is decision-making. There may be fine differences and similarities here and there.

The mindmap is about big bones – avoiding a Phd thesis. Updates may follow from here. This is not a tutorial. Those who read this may wish to do their own research, instead of just attempting to rubbish me. It’s not about me! Chyrsst! There are tons written about problem-solving out there. I’m not about to do a simple regurgitation after a Google trawl.

On thinking about all this, I draw out a single major obstacle to sound problem-solving. I could have given a few bullet points but then I realised that there is a single central problem. It’s quite easy really. It is called laziness accompanied by the usual 5000+ plausible reasons/excuses, that justify a position. Like, I’m not here to create a bullet point list of all that. If people wanna convince themselves that they are not lazy – when they are – it’s fine. That’s entirely their business!

How do I settle on laziness as the big issue? Simple – you just look at that mindmap and you see that a whole load of effort and time are involved. Then you wonder – as I do, “Are people gonna do any significant part of all that?” And the answer is, “I don’t think so! They’ll say ‘life’s too short.’ ” And the reason why ‘life’s too short’ is because of this.

The next biggest obstacle is idiocy – aka stupidity! That’s been well covered on my blog, so not going back into all that. Of course, stupidity and laziness go hand in hand – they are great friends!

What’s next? You bugger off – that’s what.

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