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by Captain Walker

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Oh – I just had to post on this. Well, I was at a hotel last week. I had not been for several months due to COVID restrictions of several types. I had observed similar things at local supermarkets before getting to the hotel. So, this isn’t specific to hotels.

It was a whole ‘new world’ i.e.

  1. hand cleaner everywhere.
  2. marks on the floor to keep people organised and distanced.
  3. perspex cages to prevent spit flying to and fro!
  4. people advised of a requirement to wear masks.

I had to laugh really. Ooops.. some will say I’m laughing about life and death matters. Nope – I was laughing to myself to avoid being carted off to a mental hospital, only because I knew that I had written several times on the problems of spit! All of that had been known for donkey’s years. Some will then argue that the general public didn’t know or that it was only public health officials who knew – and to that I would say “Pure rubbish! Everybody ought to have known! The information was available to everybody and it isn’t for me or anybody else to go around spoon feeding everybody’s ass!

Pseudo-pedants will argue that spit was only about ‘bacteria’ – which would be a horse manure sort of argument. The point is that ‘everybody’ ought to have known that anything that could be potentially infectious –  bacteria or virus – could be transmitted in spit! The next thing that pseudo-pedants would do, is attempt to define what spit is! I don’t engage in that sort of nonsensical debate. Spit is anything that comes out of the human breath; be it droplets, micro-droplets or aerosols.

Well, the people who made tons of money were those who sold gloves, hand cleaner and perspex to morons who suddenly woke up or were told to prevent spit flying around! Did I imply that I made money on this? I did NOT! And to be clear I haven’t profited at all from any of this. I should have really!

So – I’m not going back into talking about spit! I’ll just link below to evidence that I did talk about it.

  1. Sept 2013 – How to spit on food
  2. Jan 2012 – Make your food stay longer

Yes those posts were about bacterial infection of food. However, there were other links in there to the dangers of aerosols from human breath.

After the COVID-19 pandemic is beaten – whenever that is – I’m betting that loadsah people will forget about the dangers of spit! Of course, I expect some to remember.

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