Freedom rang but did not reign

It probably goes with out saying that ‘these are very troubled times’. I stare into the abyss. Oh dear – I risk being diagnosed again! All existentialists are to be diagnosed with some mental disorder, I imagine. This is the way of the world today. And yes – mental ‘health’ diagnoses are about ‘your liberty’!

I can ‘see’ it now. Somebody somewhere, reading this will jump to a conclusion that I’m probably bitching about lockdowns in the pandemic period. This sort of jumping to conclusions is also an indirect influence on liberty. How? When it gets spread on social media, there are effects – which I won’t go into. Well, the reality is that I’ve been really quite contented with the lockdown. In fact I’d called for it from at least July 2020, when I said in The Times online forums, 2020-07-25 23:49

Mr Johnson, I trust your memory is clear for when you underestimated this virus and was shaking everybodeee’s hand when you ought not to have been doing so. Kindly do not make the same sort of mistake, because this time around the loss of life and suffering from chronic disabilities are likely to be far worse. Focus less on fighting obesity and concentrate on something more S. M. A. R. T.
Lock the country down before 31st July2020, to avoid 2nd and 3rd waves coming together for November 2020. Alternatively – listen to your scientists – who have misled you and this Nation. I’ll have a copy of what I said from my time-stamped screenshot. I know your people are out here combing the media forums nationally with their software in the back ends.

In the pandemic period ‘freedom of expression’ largely became the enemy of freedom itself. Every Tom, Dick, Harry, Jane and Samantha had to have their say. The phenomenon of post-truth created the ultimate stupidity that ensnared whole nations. Politicians were happy to use the latter to shape attitudes and avoid accountability.

Some say that the storming of Capitol Hill was a fight for freedom and democracy. (I am not among some).

In these troubled times I return to Martin Luther King Jr. The true freedom he would have brought was snuffed out. Does the human race really want freedom?

So – what now? Simple. More pain! Yep – pain is the next best change agent to death. Did I say you (who reads this) has to agree with me? I did not. That’s it. Off you pop!

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