The nature of trust

If you who reads this thought you were gonna get a lecture on ‘trust’, you’re in the wrong place. Google is your friend – not me! I’ve done the Google thing and I’m not satisfied with what I read out there. So – I’m putting my own words to the concept.

Trust is not easy to define. If you trust someone it doesn’t have to be 100%. What are you trusting them with? It could be your money, confidential information, your heart, your well-being, safety, health, and even private thoughts and feelings you’d share with few others or no one else etc. You’d expect them to ‘hold water’ – in a manner of speaking. But since trust can’t be 100% across all aspects of things, you may say, “Well, I’d trust Mr X with this bit but not with that bit“.  There is a kind of trust where you know that the ‘other’ will be almost 100% honest. That sort of honesty can be painful but useful. The parties know that there is nothing personal in any ‘discomfort’ delivered. The honesty which is valued strengthens the trust.

There may be a small handful of people you could trust highly with most things, to say about 90 or 95%. A deep and meaningful trust is a good feeling. For both parties in a sound relationship of trust, they are stronger. I could easily veer into ‘friendship’ but that’s a rather complicated concept – unless of course you’re a Facebook or WhatsApp addict!

The conversation between Tucker and Riker is informative of a trust that Tucker feels with his Captain Archer (Star Trek Enterprise S4 Ep22). If you just read a transcript of what Tucker says, it would not be the same. The intonations and non-verbals, tell much. Capt Archer is a difficult man at times, and he’d haul Tucker over the coals on occasions. But Tucker knows deep in himself that he can trust Archer. It’s a very deep sort of trust.

There are of course, people you don’t trust. I’m not here to tell people how to decide what levels of trust they place in others.

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