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COVID laziness 2.0

In the pandemic period loads of services are reduced.  Most of the big food shops are open – and that’s fine – I’m supposed to say. FFS. When you get to public services, trust me it’s a right mess. I’m talking about health and social care services mostly. ‘Everything’ is basically down to a grinding halt. I’m not going to give lists! Tough.

There is a new kind of laziness operating where people are unable to do stuff because….hold on.. wait for it.. wait a bit more.. lack of training!! Some of the ridiculous excuses I’ve heard recently are:

  1. I’m not trained to answer the phone.
  2. I’m not trained to take minutes.
  3. I’m not trained to send an email.

If you’re rubbing your eyes in disbelief – that’s fine – everybody needs to rub their eyes now and then. I mean, it’s your eyes so rub away.

All of a sudden the most basic things can’t be done because folk have suddenly realised that they can’t do stuff due to lack of training. I’ve never seen regularity of lack of training pre-covid.

In the health services it’s like, you could do anything and get away with it now. How? Well they’re so short of staff, they can’t really afford to sack people and performance management went out the window.

Lunacy rules health services now. Ahhh.. but you dare not say that – although employees of health services are meant to speak up. Oh yes – speak up and you’re chucked out. So that’s it – it’s not really COVID that’s killing the health services. It’s sheer stupidity!

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