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Motivation is a trap

In conversations with people, I often hear the following kinds of statements:

  1. I’m just not motivated to do [blah blah].
  2. I know I need to do it. It’s the right thing to do but I don’t have the discipline.
  3. I’m not organised.
  4. Maybe as time catches up I’ll find the energy.
  5. I’m a creative person, so I have to wait on a burst of motivation.
  6. Give me the money now, and I’ll surely be motivated.

Laziness dressed up

Thinking about this, I realised that the above people have beliefs about why they can’t get stuff done. They need something to happen in them to trigger action. Force of circumstances then provides the motivation or energy they require.

I think that those types are lazy people – and they think they’ll get sympathy or empathy for saying “I just can’t find the motivation.” But hang on why are they saying this anyway? Basically they need to pat themselves on the back for being lazy – and make it out that ‘motivation’ has to come – and if it don’t, well that explains why they don’t get things done. They really believe that others will say kind things to them for the above sorts of statements. How stupid are they? Very.


A few things motivate people (and this is not going to be a full list):

  1. Sense of near-term personal gain or advantage.
  2. Immediacy of reward or gratification links into the above.
  3. Pain – or serious discomfort – makes things of personal importance.
  4. A whole range of other emotions like love, hate, greed, revenge etc.

Discomforts and pure lies

So – take for example the people who moan about their terrible financial situations. They’ll continue to spend £5 on purchasing lunch from Greggs or whateverrr on certain days of the week, and that all important £1.50 for their Costa Coffee. They certainly have the intelligence to work out that spending £30 per month over a year is not a good idea. But does that stop um from doing so? Obviously not! What they will say is that, “I like my coffee and sandwich. It’s my thing – one of my few pleasures. I’ve cut back on other things already!“.  Well I know they’re lying. But they put forward their lies anyway, perhaps thinking that I have no choice but to believe them. Their lies serve their own self-defeating purposes. Nothing to do with me!

I could easily expand on the above by talking on the amount people spend on their mobile phone packages. They’ll chose pretty expensive packages because “I like the phone.. ” or “I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find anything cheaper.” Reality is that they haven’t looked at all or did a very cursory search on the net. Well, that’s what you do if you really ‘like the phone’. What’s ruling here? Not facts. Not logic. It’s feelings. But you know what, these folk will actually say, “I know what you’re saying is true…” – as if the admission is of some value or use.  It isn’t. They’ll simple continue as usual for them. Oh – and it doesn’t stop there. They might well even admit, “I know that I tell lies to myself and am self-defeating.” Such admissions do nothing either.


  1. You don’t get much out of life or a better life, simply because you’re a lazy bastard!
  2. You want to remain a lazy bastard.
  3. You want to fool other people that recognition of your lazy-bastardness means you have a plan. You don’t and even if you had a plan, you can’t get it into action anyway cuz you’re so freaking lazy!
  4. You don’t need motivation – it’s an excuse. You need pain or rather more pain.

That’s i.. wut.. oh gord…

Idiotic interruption

Stupid: There you go again, insulting people! Who are you to tell people what to do?!

CW: I don’t know how you broke out. But it’s the same again, accusing me of insulting people.

Stupid: You gonna answer the question?

CW: Yes. Lazy, self-defeating people need to be called out. I’ve named no one.

Stupid: You referred to someone when you said ‘You want to remain a lazy bastard’.

CW: Yes. I said ‘you’, meaning whoever the cap fits. I don’t know who the cap would fit.

Stupid: What cap are you talking about?!

CW: You fool – ‘cap’ is a metaphor… look why am I even explaining this. No I’m not.

Stupid: So you’re saying that you’re not lazy and everybody else is.

CW: I said nothing of the sort.

Stupid: And who do you think you are to tell people how to spend their money?!

CW: I told no one how to spend their money. I simple pointed out how people moan about their sorry finances and are lead by feelings which justify what they do.

Stupid: Am what’s that?

CW: I’m not going into it..I’ve said what I said. Now…

Stupid: Hold on. I know what you’re going to do.. wait.

CW: Tough – poof you’re gone. Gonna have to lock you down tighter!


Right – now what the devil was I going to say? I can’t even remember. Look, people can do whatever they want with their lives and money. Just don’t come near me to waste my time moaning about always being out of pocket, wasting money and having no motivation. They’re entitled to their sorry mess – just don’t impact on my time.

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