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Living your own life or the world living your life.

People believe that they’re living their own lives. I’ve come to think that they are not – for the most part. Life is about living the time between birth and death. What you do with that time is important.

People find different purposes in life:

  1. Some want to contribute to society and so their time might be spent doing voluntary work or research or health care.
  2. Some want to spend their time doing drink, drugs and criminal activities.
  3. Some don’t know how to spend their time, so they spend a significant portion of their time on Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook etc.
  4. Some want to see life as socialising so they spend their time with ‘friends’, parties, raves, and other social events.
  5. Some spend their time praying, meditating, reading books etc.

I’m sure there is a much longer list of the things people do with their time. I don’t know if criminals believe that their lives are fulfilled by crime.

But today I’m asking again, ‘To what extent do people spend their time doing what they really want to do?“. If one is grown up in a family where most of the important figures are footballers, one can expect to spend much time playing football. If one is a member of the Royal family, you spend time promoting charitable causes, making speeches and attending various social events. If one comes from a family that has lived under the poverty line for the last two generations, one can expect to spend time trying to find food and shelter (by whatever means). The point is that how people spend their time is largely predetermined by their social networks, circumstances, and other influences. What’s triggered all this thought? Well I came across the video below and if you don’t watch all of it and think – then you might as well save yourself a whole lot of time and bugger off!

Did I say you who reads this has to accept everything said in the video? I did not! Idiots who love excuses will say, “Wow! If I was on a lovely island like that, I too could be minimalist and live like her!” No – I did not read your mind! Just to be clear, I don’t know the woman from ‘Jane’ or ‘Eve’ if you prefer!

Those who reached for the ‘lovely island’ argument, have just made my point! Oh yes they did! The point is that people are determined by what surrounds them to a large extent i.e. people, structures, climate, opportunities, influences, money – and  a much longer list. So how they spend their time is not truly determined by what they really want to do.

She makes a good point about the distractions that eat up personal time. And of course loads of people moan that they don’t have time, to educate themselves or do something really productive that they wanted to do. These are the folk who blame other people, life’s circumstances, their horrible upbringing, their traumas, and all the disadvantages that life threw at them. You know how this goes, “Well if life dealt me a bad hand, I’m not responsible for my underachievement.” Oh – they’ll never say it like that. But they’ll provide an ‘intellectual’ argument very similar to that. Welcome to your predetermined life! You poor thing. Booohoo..hoo!

What’s next? You bugger right off – and continue as you are!

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