Who hasn’t got Asperger’s?

by Captain Walker

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If someone declares that they have a mental disorder, most other people know that they’re to respond with sympathy. Of course, I expect to hear ‘Not necessarily‘, ‘It depends‘, and ‘not everybody‘ etc etc. Well stuff it – when anybody declares that they have depression, I know the reactions I see. Nobody has authority over me to tell me what my eyes see and what my mind informs me of.

But in recent years something different has been happening. If ‘you’ (not meaning you who reads this) declares that you have Bipolar – wow different responses flow. What’s that? Not sympathy but a greater degree of smiles and almost immediate mention of Stephen Fry and a lot of other celebs or glitterati!

In comes Asperger’s which has been on the rise in the last 5 years. Celebs (no lists today) have been popping out of the woodwork with ‘Asperger’s’. The latest is none other than Elon Musk – making some idiotic neck movements on SNL  (which he did not have 4 years ago). Out pops the ‘to be fair’ movement to his ‘defence’ – this is how it works!

What happens next? Well, the sun is likely to rise in the east as it has done for many many years. It’s true. Of course, that’s not connected to any of this. ‘You’ want to know about something else! Ok – so my expectation (not prediction), is that there will be a boom in Asperger’s diagnoses across the world. What – you want reasons? You lazy cow – whoever you are – go do your own thinking.

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