Situation on the side of a road

by Captain Walker

Categories: Rights and Freedoms, Humanities, Law and order

I tell you, somebody sends morons in my direction! It’s a plot – or I’m like some sort of magnet for fools! Okay – calm down. No need to call the authorities to ‘take me away’.

So what it is, is this: I park my car partly on a pavement – not in London, which is terribly important – in a side road, not blocking pedestrians or disabled people. Some geyser flies out of his house – a man looking like around 75 (totally grey or white hair) – waving arms and fingers at me. All this around 18:15PM 2021-05-25. The location is not important, except that it’s not in London or near to London.

The conversation – if you want to call it that, goes like this:

The Moron: Are you from the BNB next door.

CW: Yes

The Moron: Well you can’t park here.

CW: Why?

The Moron: It’s in front my house.

CW: So?

The Moron: You can’t park here.

CW: Tough – I have rights. I can park where I like.

The Moron: No you can’t.

CW: Who are you to tell me what to do?! You have no authority over me.

The Moron: I’m telling you to park your car elsewhere.

CW: I shall not. You have no authority over me. Call the police.

The Moron: I’ll do that. Move your car to the main road.

CW: No. So it’s legal to park in the same way on a main road?

The Moron: Yes.

CW: Nonsense! I think your manner is racist. Move on and call the police. [And I can infer racism if I perceive it – because the reason about the BNB is not a reason. And I know that there is no such law applicable about the parking on a pavement in this area (once not blocking a footpath). So I am allowed in law to infer when I am being discriminated against.]

The Moron: [Mutters something to himself and goes packing, back indoors]

CW: You have no authority to move me on. [I wave an index finger back at him – not a middle  finger.] Press on!  [And I double check that I am not blocking a footpath. There is no sign from the lawful authorities prohibiting parking where had parked.]

Now for the avoidance of doubt or arbitrary inference, I made no obscene gestures or acted in anyway hostile.

I was not on the man’s property. I was not obstructing his view out of his property and not blocking access. I was not impeding the path of pedestrians. So why does this moron thinks he has a right to move me on? I seriously don’t care and don’t want to know.

The most he can do is call the police or vandalise my car. I’ll deal with it.

Do I intend to park in the same place tomorrow. Of course. And if he pops out again I’m gonna catch him on my voice recorder! [Legally I cannot video him when he is standing on his private property.]

Yeah right – that’s it for today. One moron is enough so Stupid will remain in the cage! Anybody can find via Google the law about parking on pavements.

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