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People want answers, hope and positivity

What people want is a simple answer that will put them back on a track that they should have been on. I’ve seen it before and I’ve seen it today 13th June 2021 again, between 17:45 to 18:10PM.

In essence someone who referred to me as a ‘friend’ – and I am not their friend – asked for specific knowledge based on my professional status, to assist them in finding a way forward. I won’t go into details because, that’s not terribly important. Well, that sort of request is actually the seeking of professional advice, which I don’t give to ‘friends’. Furthermore I don’t have friends! This is more about form than content, so no details here – tough.

Interestingly the specific knowledge asked for to ‘help’, is not within my domain of expertise anyway. So that was the end of that.

The conversation drew out some interesting things that I knew about – but now have harder evidence for:

  1. The lay public and the post-truth world of social media knowledge believes, that low mood and depressed mood is depression. It ain’t – and I’m not explaining that!
  2. People look for causes and triggers to their state of minds. They identify those and place meaning on them.
  3. People try to understand their experiences and their pasts, as if that is some measure of progress. It’s nonsense, because if it was that simple then everybody would just be sorted.
  4. People are watching to may American movies – which programme the public with all sorts of rubbish expectations.
  5. People want closure! Oooooh…closure.. like is there any robust scientific evidence that closure really cures or helps people? Where is it? Did I say that closure doesn’t help some people? I did NOT!
  6. People do not look at what’s obvious and in front of them e.g. poor lifestyle, poor diet, poor sleep wake cycles, ruminations on rubbish that they can’t change (because nobody can change the past). In not addressing squarely the obvious they look for some sort of ‘guru’ advice or opinion (hence my take on self-help materials).
  7. Negativity is confused with reality. Hellooooo! – reality is often a hard, negative and depressing place!
  8. What people want is positivity and hope. Oooo wow – so like I’m supposed to be a fountain of positivity – else I’m a bad person/professional.
  9. Well, if one is putting oneself in a negative place, is it my business to pull anybody out of it? I think NOT! What – am I supposed to be an ‘emergency emotional rescue service‘? What a loadah tosh!

This is reality:

  1. You are FUBAR or TARFU due to your horrible past, upbringing and programming, your current life circumstances, your dithering and blaming it on your past, your genetics and anything else you can find.
  2. You can do nothing to change any of that – because it is indelible. End of.
  3. You decide whether you are going to remain a victim of the past, or not.

The choice is yours – reality or fantasy! You can’t make a choice – you’re stuffed.

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