A simple thing

by Captain Walker

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Well, as usual people don’t know what they don’t know and won’t take the time to explore – so they need to be told.  On this occasion I’m sharing this simple timer thing that lives on Windows 10. Obviously, I can’t say nor do I have time to check if it exists on any other version of Windows. And I’m not interested in whether something similar or better exists on iOS or if there are better features in some other application.

It’s a timer and clock. Do people need this? I think so. Why? Because I hear so many people forgetting to do A, B, or C thing. Just hold on – I’m not interested in fancy applications in this post. This is the most basic. See below and left (image clickable for a larger view, unless you suffer with panic attacks).

Now did I say that you who reads this has to use this? I did not! So – in the screenshot, I’ve got the oven on and some washing to check on. I don’t need a fancy application or reminder thingy.

It’s running right now. I don’t have to bother that the chips might be burned. Obviously, if anyone using this app dismissed the alarm and forgets to check their oven, they will suffer adverse consequences which includes reckless endangerment of chips or people by causing a fire! When the alarm goes off, I ensure that I get out of a chair or leave what I’m doing before I dismiss the alarm, or I can restart the alarm or set some more time. Just to be clear for the ultra-dim of this world, this application does not control appliances.

Again – obviously – if you leave your computer and are not around to hear the alarms go off, then there is no point setting the alarms. So – obviously again – the application is for use when you know you’ll be around your computer. How condescending – me having to tell people the most basic of things. Well, if I don’t say something of importance and somebody burns down their house, they’d then want to sue me! So condescending is what ‘you’ get in this post, especially to the ultra-dim of this world.

Similar applications exist on Android and Apple phones. So – one can also use those to keep track of some small things like the oven or pot on the stove or wha’everrrr. And just to be clear if you leave your phone where you can’t hear an alarm go off, and you burn down your house – kindly sue yourself!

Right – that’s it. Note the fat disclaimer below.

Disclaimer & Guidance

The reading of posts on this blog is subject to the Terms & Conditions. Unpalatable truths and personal experiences may be told. Nothing posted on this blog is directed at any identified person. On occasions individuals are quoted anonymously. That does not mean that they have been identified to the world. Should any person or organisation reading this blog find something that makes them feel or know that they  are being referred to – any such perceived identification does not mean ‘identified to the world’. ‘Stupid‘ is an impish figment of my imagination who occasionally is allowed to pop up – and does not represent any known individual, individuals or groups. The treatment of  ‘Stupid‘ is not representative of the way people are treated in real life. Adverse inferences made are dismissed in advance.  If you misapply any tips or do not manage yourself and your hardware or software properly, and suffer adverse consequences kindly sue yourself! 

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