Doing a Yorkie

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities, Psychology & Philosophy, CW

Strangely enough in the last few weeks, I was looking at how people ended up at the wrong airport. Yuh know, Gatwick instead of Heathrow etc.

Well, what’s prompted this post is a new one! Yeah – this is where you (not me) end up at the right airport on the correct day of the week – but a week in advance at 3:00AM in the morning!! You couldn’t make it up! ??

A few years ago one of my clan jumped on a train at Kings Cross and texted us that he should be with us 45 min later. About 30 min later we got another text saying “I’m on the wrong train. It’s going to York.“. It was a hot summer’s day at 32 °C. What a baking journey up to York and back down – a total of 6 hours! We died with laughter! He was thereafter nicknamed Yorkie! I recall that for Xmas he was were given a certain chocolate. ??‍♂️

What – you think I’m gonna tell people how to organise their journeys or their lives? Get real!

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