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Situation at a hotel

Well, I often post up situations I encounter as a sort of diary which then forms evidence for my patterns of thinking.


This one was at a hotel A. There was some confusion on a Sunday night when I needed to check in. I had 5 nights which I accidentally double-booked for the following week. So to my horror, I didn’t actually have a booking for Sunday gone. My error – but calm down; that’s not the most important issue in the world. Yes – I make mistakes too.

Okay – so the solution was to book 2 nights at another hotel (hotel B) for that week – and allow 3 nights at A. Right so 3 nights would cover the intended week (rebooked there and then at said hotel A) and 2 nights at the other hotel B – making up a total of 5 nights. The following week’s stay would remain as is. Tough, I can’t make this any clearer.

So what’s the situation?

The receptionist (Ms C), in contact with her manager by phone, made the alterations for hotel A. So, I got the 3 nights Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of last week and given a credit back for 2 nights (which I would have spent on separately at hotel B).

I then turn up on Tuesday evening to check in at hotel A, only to find that I have only Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Someone reading this will now be about to think, I’ve made another mistake. I haven’t. The receptionist Mr D, looks at his computer and reconfirms that it’s only Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Thursday night is not on the system, in case you needed confirmation. So I tell him that on Sunday night Ms C was on to her manager and they agreed the 3 nights. He goes – and this is the thing – “I can only go by what’s on the system.” And I go, “Yes – I agree with what the system is saying but it’s wrong.

There is no way to properly communicate non-verbals in text on a page, but he’s looking stunned or bewildered or confused or ‘how dare you’ – or some mixture of that. He’s stuck. I say, “Both of us agree with what’s on the system. Where there is a difference is that I say that your manager was part of this what I’m saying and it isn’t showing on the system. I suggest you call a manager now.” Hesitatingly he does. He gets through to a manager within 3 seconds – brilliant. By coincidence the manager on the phone was the one who on Sunday night had authorised the changes.

She instructs him to ‘zero’ Thursday night. Poor chap – you should see the look on his face, like he’s in bledy school on day one! Right – so within 3 mins of him calling the manager I’m sorted. I’ve got Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights as was agreed.

The point (in broad brush)

  1. People believe what they are told.
  2. People believe what they see on screens
  3. People get stuck when there is a conflict between what’s on a screen and what’s not on their screens.
  4. People need to be told what to do next to resolve the conflict.

Nice ending

By chance I was at the reception desk on Thursday afternoon to double check that I’m booked for this Sunday for 5 nights, in a particular room of my choice. The lady at the desk quickly confirms everything. She then says, “I was the manager on the phone on Sunday and Tuesday.” I responded, “Thanks ever so much for doing the right thing. It does buy brand loyalty. Thanks again.” She smiled.


  1. Reality is not what is on a computer screen. It is a representation of computer output, usually from some sort of human interaction.
  2. Humans believe that what’s in their heads is reality. It isn’t.
  3. What’s in the head is a subjective reality created by the senses and the workings of the mind.

OMG! Here we go…

Stupid: Ha…ha.. Hah.. You of all people making a mistake and double booking your hotel. That is so funny. You always think you are flawless and better than everybody.

CW: Utter hogwash. I am highly critical of stupid mistakes. That has never meant that I am flawless or better than everybody. You are behaving in a way to do a take down. That’s what you want.

Stupid: But it was a stupid mistake wasn’t it?

CW: Of course. I have never said I was immune to making a single stupid mistake.

Stupid: So why are you so highly critical of stupid mistakes, and berate people.

CW: I learn from others’ stupid mistakes. I dare to be critical. None of that means that I’ll never make stupid mistake.

Stupid: Well, now you should shut up forevermore!

CW: Fat chance! I’ll continue to attack stupidity and stupid mistakes and I might ramp up the degree of my assault on all that. Not because I made a stupid mistake means that I’ll be more forgiving of everybody.

Stupid: You didn’t have to bully the guy at the desk to call his manager!

CW: I bullied no one. He was stuck. If I allowed him to remain stuck, I would get nowhere.

Stupid: You are…

CW: You are about to become even more insulting. So – I’ve stopped your gob. Back in your cage! End of!

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