Liars the lot

by Captain Walker

Categories: Humanities, Psychology & Philosophy

This is gonna be a shorter one.

Who are these liars? They are none other than my so-called friends and almost non-existent family!

Mostly on a weekend, I do my blogging and send links to others. The emerging pattern is:

  1. Quick response.
  2. Some comment that shows they have done the speed-read job i.e. say something that is covered in my posts.
  3. They’ll go on occasions, “I didn’t get that far.” – which is obvious, if you’re doing the ‘show job’ that you’ve read the post when you haven’t.

People think I’m stupid and when I catch them out, they don’t like it. I’m supposed to pretend to remain dim to their modus and not confront them. Ahhh.. . you see in order to keep friends you’re not supposed to catch them out with their lies, and degrees of superficiality. Dare I call some of them superficial. You bet. Do I need to keep friends? Wakey wakey! Hence I will continue to call the lot so-called friends. If you can give so-called and superficial interest in things that occupy me, then you can remain a so-called friend.

BTW some have not noticed that there are estimated reading times on each blog post. That’s for a reason i.e. if you can’t spend 4 to 10 min, leave it alone!

WordPress supplies stats stats on which links were accessed (not by whom) and how long they spent on it before moving on.  So – in addition to the qualitative aspect of shallow responses, I have harder evidence from the metadata to support my opinions. It seems to me – and I hope I’m wrong – that people want to be ‘friends’ with me, so they resort to giving cursory acknowledgements etc. I’ve told the whole lot very clearly and repeatedly, “You are not my friend! I have no friends. I sack people like nobody’s business.” They can’t believe it. Well, they eventually feel it.

But it is the way of the world – relationships no longer carry as much depth as 100 years ago. What – marriage? Get real. It is mainly an economic transaction. Some thought it was created by God etc. I have no argument with that lot. No time to waste.

A few weeks ago, one of these associates told me almost these exact words, “I know at times I tell you lies. It is difficult to lie to you.  I know that you know I’m lying. I don’t know exactly what I do that.

If you really want to see true friendships you have to look to military people working in well-established teams. They trust their lives to each other and they have bared their souls to each other. That’s not about money and economic interests. Real honesty operates for them to have the kind of trust that is needed for their line of work.

Am I going to join the military? WTF! How many times have I said, “I’m not in search of friends?“!!!

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