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This proves it!

From an online forum is the following.

DB: Well done! What is a blaeberry?!

CW – replying to DB:

For those who don’t know howto – select word with mouse, right click, then click search option that appears.

For those who don’t know how to select text: left click mouse, hold it down and move it right or left.

To left click: press and hold left mouse button.

To right click: press and hold right mouse button.

For those using a touchpad, consult your manufacturer.

Happy to help.

Stupid: All it proves is that you’re a pompous, arrogant, self-important, unhelpful, patronising so and so

CW: Thank you. Thank you.

Stupid: Grrrhhhh! You could have just answered the person. It would have taken a few seconds and certainly not as long to type all that!

CW: What I could do is determined by me – not you. I had to make a point of it, that people trot out the first thing that comes into their heads. In addition they are flipping lazy!

Stupid: The person could have been disabled.

CW: Or they could not have been. I’m not here to help every so and so who is in need of help.

Stupid: How callous.

CW: Ridiculous. People need to start thinking and help themselves.

Stupid: But some people can’t help themselves.

CW: Good. I’m not their helper. The moron could have just copied the word and put it in to a search engine, and the meaning of ‘blaeberry’ would have popped straight up. But no, they had to spend time asking a dumbass question in the forum.

Stupid: Dumbass?!

CW: Yes. Why the devil can’t people just think and take a few simple actions to inform themselves? It’s because they are primarily lazy!

Stupid: You don’t know everybody!

CW: Nor do you! But I meet more people in forums than you! In fact you don’t meet anybody in forums at all! And that sort of statement I’ve seen several times before.

Stupid: So?

CW: It’s the sort of ‘Oh poor me – I don’t know nothing – help me – I’m thick and stupid or I’m disabled‘. Well if you’re flipping stupid or disabled how come you’ve been able to use a keyboard and mouse to login to the forum but you can’t do the same to search for a simple one word. Sorry – they are flipping lazy!

Stupid: But you contradicted yourself by saying ‘Happy to help’.

CW: Of course. I was happy to help the moron gain some self-awareness and get their brain into gear. But I’m not helping by just giving the answer which they could have found for themselves.

Stupid: You are stubborn!

CW: Absolutely! Thanks. Now back in your cage.. and no you’re not getting the chance to make another utterance. Off you go!

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