The mug that caused a problem

This is gonna be a shorter one. Yep it’s about that mug in the photo below.

So a few days ago I bought this mug, I think it was from Home Bargains for £1.59. I didn’t want anything expensive because it was for use at work.

After a couple days of use, I looked at it from that angle and realised something. So I asked a few work colleagues if they saw anything. They just went, “It’s a mug.”  So I went, “Yeah I know that but anything strikes you?” The answers were basically ‘no’.

So I sent this photo out to a few colleagues on a messaging app asking the same question. Guess what? Nobody responded.

I don’t know why but I have some possible explanations:

  1. People thought it was a trick question.
  2. They didn’t wish to spend time getting it wrong.
  3. They were too busy on Netflix and Facebook.

The answer is this simple: It’s not circular at its widest circumference – it’s elliptical. Any fool with a piece of paper or even a finger could measure it and see that.

So what does it mean? To me it means that eyes will see the same object but not all eyes will see the same thing. The Mind interrupts. It generalises. It filters out detail.

At this point I can sense minds will be immediately occupied with whether I asked for a refund, which is exactly my point. What? That minds inject all sort of meanings and questions – in distracting itself. Did I say that the mug caused me a problem? I did not! The problem was for the people who did not respond. They of course, don’t know they have a problem.

It’s an elliptical shaped mug, at the top. That’s all. Nothing more. End of.

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