The NXIVM manipulation

Some have never heard of NXIVM. Obviously they were too busy on the likes of Facebook and Instagram or whatever is more popular these days.

For those not stuck on LameFlix or don’t have a dog to bathe immediately, pick up the background by a quick read of this. I mean quick because videos are coming up below (and with time they may disappear from YouTube).

I dealt with manipulation just recently. Sensible people of sound disposing mind believe that they can’t be manipulated. The way people will look at this NXIVM thing is to say, “Well, he was a particularly adept psychopath running a well organised cult, so it could happen to anybody!” That’s nicely packaged to avoid understanding more about manipulation. Of course, those sort of folk won’t be spending much time studying any of this.

See how he works on Allison Mack below. If you didn’t know he was a convicted psychopath you’d probably lap up that bullshit psychobabble. Awww..I should be more sympathetic and say, “Poor things people won’t know what’s bullshit unless they’re told.” Fat chance! It ain’t happening!

Pathological manipulation does not only happen in cults. Really? You have reading to do. YouTube has many more vids on this topic.

In 1989 I joined a self-help philosophy group to see what one of my family members was involved in. There we many things similar to what NXIVM were doing. They weren’t going to brainwash my ass – sorry I’m arrogantly too clever! But my family member was too far gone. No further details here.

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