Uncomfortable ideas

It’s the name of a book! In the event that you don’t know Dr Bo Bennett, you are expected to jump on the net and start Googling madly. After all, you don’t know who’s who in this world – and everybody out there is a guru of some sort – right? I mean – like who knows – he could be a serial adulterer or alcoholic or  even a paedophile. Yep – this is exactly the point. How? Some are so ‘uncomfortable’ with thumbing the book first, that they must find out, ‘Who is he (or she)?!‘ Now did I say one has to lap up everything the book says? I did not! But people are so scared these days – except when it’s a self-help book from some mum who suffered with depression, in which case they buy the book without even thinking!

Right – shall I get on with it? I shall. You can find the book on Amazon – whoever you are. But be careful because Bo Bennett is not a mum with post-natal depression.  The book can also be found on Scribd as part of a subscription, for those who subscribe at £4.49/month – and not everybody can work out how to get that price.

As usually the case, this is not a book review. I’ve been studying Dr Bennett’s works for the last decade or so. That work has given me deep insights into how the human mind works (or not).

OMG! OMG! Atheist! You really need to stay far if you are a god-believer cuz you don’t want anything to do with atheists. After all your whole world could come crashing down if your beliefs in God become corrupted! And you don’t want that! It’ll be too uncomfortable! Oh dear God-uh…..Oh nooooo….

Stupid: Have you got shares in Amazon or Scribd?

CW: No!

Stupid: So why are you advertising links to stuff on those sites?

CW: I’m sharing links so that any person who is not as dim as you, can thumb the book for free.

Stupid: But you’re suggesting that people buy the book!

CW: I’m doing no such thing.

Stupid: But you mentioned the price of a subscription.

CW: Yes. I said that those who had a subscription could have it for no additional cost. They are free to purchase a subscription if they want – or not. Or they can pay through the nose at some other website. I’m not telling people how to spend their money.

Stupid: So, is Bo some sexy young thing?

CW: I couldn’t give a monkeys!

Stupid: Well ‘Bo’ is the name of some sexy model or film star – isn’t it?

CW: Chrysst! You foooool! That was Bo Derek from the film ‘Ten’, back around 1979. The author of this book is Bo Bennett.

Stupid: Well, just checking. I don’t know what’s what or who’s who.

CW: Exactly! Poof! You’re gone!

Sorry – I try my best not to allow this fool out.  Right – I had to take 5 minutes to recover from that utter drivel. Where was I?

I’ve read the first few pages of the book. I’m in awe. I can tell that I’ll be into this book for the next few days. Just to be clear, the book is not an assault on beliefs in Gods.

You don’t have to buy the book. Everybody is entitled to embrace ignorance, through the exercise of freedom of choice!

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