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High IQ and thinking skills

I’ll try to keep this short.

Intelligence quotients are fairly well correlated with abilities to reason. But it doesn’t mean that if your IQ is 130 that you will most times make much better decisions than everybody else. How? Because intelligence and thinking skills isn’t everything. Emotions can cause the smartest thinkers to make stupid decisions. Then there are biological and social influences that cause highly intelligent people to make dumb decisions.

High IQs don’t mean you are immune to various influences that damage the quality of decision-making.

If you have a very high IQ and you have exceptional thinking skills and you are ‘inoculated’ from biological, emotional and adverse social influences – you have a problem. A big problem. You’re unlikely to get on with most people and I’m not saying you won’t have a few close friends. How dare I? Getting on with ‘most people’ means you have to agree to there nonsensical forms of thinking, agree with their stupid opinions and not ask any searching questions.  In other words, getting on with most people means ‘going with the flow’.

If I allude to myself, somebody is gonna say that I’m being arrogant. Facts can be arrogance these days. It’s a dangerous world. So I shall declare my IQ as an average of 100. I could be lying. It could be much less or much more. The above infographic has some obviously wrong inferences to prove the point. I’m just trying to get on and ‘go with the flow’. Is that okayyyy?

Stupid: Are you trying to say….uh.. oh.. stop! Stop pushing me!

CW: No! I knew you were gonna try and break out. Was waiting for you this time. Gotcha! You’re forced back into the box. Instantly. End of.

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