Lord Sumption

by Captain Walker

Categories: Rights and Freedoms, Humanities, Law and order, CW

The  things I’ve heard about him are of the following kind, ‘he’s weird’ and ‘he’s spoken some nonsense about [blah blah]’.

Some people only remember a headline that went like, Lord Sumption tells stage 4 cancer patient her life is ‘less valuable’ – which was spread across several tabloid and broadsheets.

The woman with cancer, jumped on a bandwagon. She seemed to have heard nothing of what Lord Sumption said about Quality of Life Years, nor does she seem to know what it means. Furthermore Lord Sumption was saying nothing about her! But virtuous signallers are plenty – they all go “all life is equal”. Well go tell that to an insurance company, when you’re 93 seeking life insurance, and see what they tell you. Everybody very well knows that all life is not ‘equal’. Some are not even aware of the Ogden tables and what it means. This is not going to be a lecture on that!

Right – I’m not saying that Lord Sumption is the next best thing after sliced bread. He’s a human and he has made errors. Ahhhh.. but what people want in the new social media world is perfect people! Lord Sumption has been far more right than wrong compared to the zillions of dimwits on social media.

Catch the Valedictory Remarks at the Supreme Court (or not if you have dog to bathe).

His lecture and interview on democracy was sharper than sharp.

To learn less about Lord Sumption do not click this.

To do a take down, go elsewhere!

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