Fragile with power

What on earth am I on about now!? I ‘heard’ hundreds thinking it. Calm down. This is metaphor. Oh dear I should be more cautious really cuz it’s a new world where metaphor has been replaced by the concretised thinking often seen on social media.  Yuh know – this is where only mention of ‘black’ gets people accused of being racist.

It’s a Friday night 6th November 2021. I’m in front of a computer, thinking as I do – about loads of things. I’m wondering what on earth are my work-mates doing? I’m imagining that many of them have ‘switched off’, getting sloshed, watching Netflix, have tucked kids into beds and are now stuffing their faces or having a quick shag. Some will have gone out for a meal – yuh know, ‘everybody’ has to have that meal out; with smiling photos to be thrown up on Facebook or Instagram or wha’everrr. So – I must be ‘sad’ as they say, for being in front of a computer not doing the stuff that ‘normal people’ do! I so get it. And I’m so contented doing other ‘weird’ stuff – like writing a blog! I know, I know.. ‘to each his own‘ and all that yarn; except when it’s me! Such cliché.

So – after that very ‘jolly’ introduction to this topic, what the devil am I saying! Oh? Are you in a rush? Dog to bathe? Need to have a pee? You don’t have to be here!


These are people who are actually pretty dim, without much thinking skills, lacking in emotional intelligence, who always do as told – basically they’re jobsworths with very thin skins. To themselves they know they’re great. Subordinates tell them they’re doing a great job. But that’s just to butter them up. Behind closed doors the real story unfolds. Their subordinates have no true respect for them and say so. Ahhhh.. but subordinates dare not tell them exactly what they think of them – cuz ‘the boss’ is so weak-willed and fragile in constitution.


But wait. How did these people get into positions of power? Do you want it straight or not? For those who want it straight, such folk are arse wipes or arse wipers if you prefer. They get to positions of power by being ‘nice people’ to whichever moron higher up the tree, they could have manipulated along the way. So, now they lead teams. They have no true management training, are clueless about teamwork and fit in very well with cultural mindsets. They have no real initiative. They think they’re management but actually they’re administrators. You can’t tell them that unless you want to court big trouble. Did I name or allude to anybody in any particular service? I did NOT!

What it is?

So you end up with fragile jobsworths in positions of power; wielding power around. How can this be possible? Everybody wants strong independent leaders – right? Errhh.. not everybody! The general public have ideas about the qualities of people who lead public sector services. But the reality is something quite different. Why is there this gap between what the general public expect and what actually happens? It’s this simple: the masters of public services – who are politicians – don’t want resistance from people with independence of mind. There is an elaborate selection process – which is actually a deselection process – that picks the right people for the will of politicians.


Systems like and pick stupid people. dare I say that?! Okay most systems – especially those that are NOT Tesla or Google or some major Biotech company – lurve stupid people. How? Because most that are not of the Tesla/Google type want people who are controllable and who will do as they’re told. Look, if you’re a bit brighter than stupid, you might ask questions or resist. That’ll just slow down the business. It’s not good for business. Oh yes – make not mistake stupid companies still make loadah money. Here’s the news: you don’t need to be a smart company to make money. What your really need is high demand – that will cover all manner of stupid customer service, to bring in the bucks. Come on – you know loads of companies like that.


Stupid inept people end up in power. That’s a fact. There are numerous routes to power. I’m not giving lists. Get lost.

Stupid people are selected by stupid systems.

The late George Carlin is the authority on the topic. Go listen to him! Or not!

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