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Beautiful songs

Righhttt… this is a dangerous post cuz anything in a social media space can be interpreted any which way and turned into a fact that doesn’t exist. So – let’s see if I’m right – againnnn! Oh gord! I’ve used the word ‘beautiful’. Get going on that! Spend time analysing that and me. Am I that important?

It’s a nice song. She sings it so well. The lyrics are powerful. I couldn’t care who the devil she is. I don’t want to meet her. I don’t dream about her. I don’t care what she is wearing, her teeth, lip gloss or whatever. Yes – I saw it all. I don’t care where she was born, who she hooked up with when.

So why the devil do I mention all that? Cuz I know what’s going through statistical minds out there! And if you get into the song meaning then I couldn’t give a flying banana about her personal life!

What is it with people?! Why the hell is everybody trying to find some angle on me?

Why can’t people just listen to a song and appreciate it for what it is? I give up.

Somebody beam me up – quick!

I just like the fricking songs. End of! FFS!

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