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I don’t have to like Ed Sheeran!

This is a fine example of what I was talking about. People often go like, “I don’t like [X]” or “I can’t stand [Y]” if I share a music video. Well first off, I don’t know what the devil everybody will like, I don’t know everybody – and I’m not here to please everybody!

I find it’s a nice song. It doesn’t matter:

  1. How old I am.
  2. How old Ed Sheeran is.
  3. All the trivia about Ed Sheeran’s personal life.
  4. Where he was born.
  5. If I like or dislike Ed Sheeran.
  6. What sort of genre the song is!
  7. What the song means.
  8. Whether people are starving all over the world.

I just like the song and that’s that. I just want to get on with enjoying the song, without having to think hard about Ed Sheeran! Chrysst! It’s become soooo hard to share and live and think and feel.

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